Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Look like everyone tension and stressness all goon.
Our worst nightmare subject exam passed!
I smell holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

Last paper on Thursday! English paper sound easy right?
Hope really easy=_____="

Tomorrow 15August2012 is Beer Factory Finale anniversary!
I'm not gonna miss it, but my final paper is on Thursday 16August2012 MORNING! WTF
But I not going to miss the party right?
And the party is at Setiawalk which only 3-5minutes away from my house!
So I still going for the finale party! IDONTCARE~!
Gonna go and I'm not going to drink any alcohol and going home early around 12am!

This my plan for tomorrow=____="
Hope nothing go wrong! If not see me next year at exam hall again! T_____T

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