Monday, August 27, 2012



Another relaxing Sunday.
When for dinner at my all time favorite Japan restaurant.
Sushi Zanmai.
Long time didn't go there for dinner.

This is what we ordered, all for 2person!
and the picture wasn't all yet still have other small plate.

As always end my meal with Chawamushi! Yummy
A bit salty probably because too much roe.

While I'm enjoying my Chawamushi 
that fella still thinking to order some sushi!
We look small size but not out tummy!!!! hahaha
Guess how much we spend for dinner!

After dinner we went for movie =)
The most relaxing movie ever!!
Once in our live we have to enjoy the most luxury right!?
Their services is totally different then the normal one.
People escorted you to your hall,
asked what do you want to drink,
The couch is super soft and comfier then my own furking bed!
Can even adjust up and down just by pressing a button
The blanket is those soft cotton blanket.
Got a coffee table with and buzzy button to buzz the staff.

This is what we call "You get what You Paid"

Guess what the hell is this!?
My house stupid dog bite my mom slipper
become hundred of small pieces!

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