Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Semi Semester Break

As my title stated, is all about my semi semester break!
Mean I finished my study but still haven finished my final exam.

6August2012, one day trip at Klang with The Mate.
It been 3years and more we knew each other! =)
Time really passing fast, everyone changes from in and out.

Back to topic.
Our plan start with Movie at Bukit Tinggi AEON.
Separated into two group, one Step Up the other one go for Total Recall.
We got so many people and meeting up there.
Bryan is fetching me and Jason =)

Thought we will be the latest to reach there.
Cause they reach my doorstep and I'm still sleeping on my comfy bed=="
If they didn't called I will still continue my sleep! hahahah

Anyway, we reach they early and the first to reach.
We had our Brunch at Subway while waiting for other.

After movie when shopping! Went to Padini Concept store they are having SALES!
See how happy and excited is Jason!

Finish shopping we still have many time before dinner.
So we shall have dessert before dinner! hahaha
tried new stuff and I LOVE IT!
"Queen of Spades 黑桃皇后"
Taiwanese dessert something like Snowflake but serious i think this nicer.
But Snowflake Soya ice still the best!
Their yam and taro ball really DELICIOUS!
And the white thingy is cream Nice combination.
They have outlet at Subang Jaya, have to go have a bowl one day.

Everyone "cleaned" their bowl very fast! LOL

Camwhore time!
The Klang girl our tour guide.

We in iPad

Group picture at Queen of Spade

Finally is dinner!
Seafood anyone?!
"加利小食園" Not a grand restaurant no air conditional.
But still many people came for dinner.

We are too hungry dishes serve and we finished in few minutes=___=
Their food not bad, their lala soup and the wine claypot chicken damn NICE!

The main character for the day!
Waited for so damn long this is what our main point doing at Klang.
Salty grilled Crab!

Big enough!

Leon playing with his food!
Don't learn. hahahaha

Everyone can't wait for it anymore!

That night our lecturer Mr AaronGan was invited for dinner with us.
fyi he stay Klang too.

This the roe but this is not the best yet.
Those super red and damn tempting one got eaten.
and we are too hungry so didn't take any photo of it!

See how horrible mess we did! hahaha
pity the staff have to clean our mess.

Me messing around when they take photo! hahah

Group photo with our lecturer.
Look like those primary/secondary class photo. hahaha

Last destination BEACH, IDK where it is.
Some sorta place where we can see sea and people fishing. LOL
Six cars for this mini trip the smaller car at the top also one of our gang.

With SKL gang.

Candid I shall call it.

All smiled so sweet and happily! hahah

The guys with MrAaron! hahah

The End of the journey.
Last photo!
Our ANNOYING facial photo!

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