Thursday, August 23, 2012


Where Plan A?

12August a break before exam =)

Went to Publika with Sarah for Brunch.
My first time there, the mall is really nice with all the glass wall and ceiling.
All the light shining feel like open air but with air condition.
Just all the shop really ermm arrr Expensive.
*if you know what I mean*

Know where we went for Brunch?
Journal by......?
Ancient typewriter. 

Old school wooden chair hanging on ceiling!
still don't get it where we went?

Their menu.
When life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE!
Journal by Plan B =)

This Logo is simple and nice.

Free water, their service every table with a big bottle.

Capture by: MsCarolineLzt
Nice or not!? I'm a good photographer!
*claps claps*

Our Brunch. Appetizer;
Classic Caesar Salad
Crisp cos lettuce tossed with crunchy turkey bacon
garlic toast & classic anchovy dressing, topped with a poached egg
Nice and really big plate if one person full everything definitely full.

Mine; Poached Eggs on Avocado-Feta Mash
roasted Portobello mushroom on English muffin
served with tomato relish.
Their tomato relish really nice!

Her's; Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs & grilled turkey bacon
heaped on a toasted English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce
hmmm~ Don't know nice or not but I think won't taste bad.
Next time try this =)

 We actually can't really finish it.
Probably we just ate too much egg! xD

After brunch walk around.
Not much shop to walk and all shop
even they have sales still kinda expensive for us
Yea we are not richtard!

I'm taller then her for once!

The elevator girl and the Owl girl.

Camwhore a little bit before out.

Accidentally capture this and I'm super liking it.
My juicy lips!
The bright sunlight really nice and damn nice for photo!

[ TheEnd ]
By, The always glutton ME.

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