Saturday, August 25, 2012



Yea, why not? This is not my first time. Yes I gave up once again. I'm just too silly too dumb too stupid! Is alright I don't mind anymore cause I used to be. Really I'm used with the situation so no worries. Hello who am I. I never really rely anybody other than my parent. I always have my way to do something. Not gonna cries for small thing Not that easy I'm a bull a bull okay.

I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind I mind!!
I said NEVERMIND. =)

Even I'm serious down I will keep it for myself. I don't like gamble because I scare of losing. If I don't gamble then I will never lose. I don't get angry cause I know whenever I really angry my mouth and my action will out of control. I don't cry not because I don't have feeling is because I know after I cried thing will still reminding the same.

But whenever I feel like gambling it mean I already lose everything and I have nothing to lose anymore. if I got angry it mean I out of control and you will heard and see nasty thing from me. If you see me crying it mean I really need a big shoulder and a listener.

If all this really happen that's mean I really in big situation. =)


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