Monday, September 17, 2012



Know who this cute little girl?
Her name is Akama Miki, a Canadian model
whose father is Japanese and mother is Chinese-German.

She look so pretty and cute right!?

This is one of my favorite photo of her.
Looking so damn cute in kimono.

This guys is Zhang Muyi (张木易), aka Mission Zhang.
A singer and also Akama Miki Boyfriend.

Recent read some article about them.
Guess what!?
 Akama Miki is only 12years old and Mission is 24years old
twice Akama Miki ages.

Look at their photo together, although their age is quite a big gap.
But they still look cute together.

This is one of mine favorite.
and this too.

Miki, promised she would marry Mission when she turns 16.
and wrote this to Mission.
“I will always love you and you will be my darling forever!!!” 

Mission then replied her
“Thank you for giving me the courage to love, not afraid to face, although others cannot understand now.”

Look like age is not a problem in love.

This is sang by both of them together
(Imagine me without You)
This song quite nice. Her voice is actually quite nice.

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✿Jace✿ said...

I really like them~ =D!!