Saturday, September 15, 2012


Schedule FULL

Full scheduled is better then nothing.
8September2012 - Saturday -

Busy day.
It probably a good date, cause everything drop on the say day.
Early morning went Ampang Jaya with Blong and Erickson.
As I said before September is HEALTHY month.
Mean less alcohols more exercises!
So yeah, went there for jogging.
It is a great place for morning jog, fresh air if you are really early mean before those car started to come out.
*You know what I mean*
That area got monkeys but no worries they won't attack you if you didn't disturbed them and remember no feeding. Once you feed they might follow you home. LOL

After 8.4K jog, walked up to a small hill.
There a small alley which directed to a hill and lake.
you have to walk up a stair, kinda tiring.
Nice and windy.

Feel so old and embarrassing, many old uncles and aunties jogging around walking up the hill easily.
but me and Blong started to breathe in and out like an old woman!
An old couple said "年轻人将快就累了啊"
It mean young man so fast tired. FML!
Let uncles aunties tease=__________=

After exercises, we are a bit random if you know me.
I'm a super random person, I might say let's go grab some beer or movie randomly.
So we went for BOWLING! Kinda fun really long didn't play.
We actually planned to go for pool after bowling but MrErickson have appointment.
*Once again Pool mean smaller size version of snooker not swimming pool, fyi I don't swim*

Reach home settle everything prepared for my date.
three destination or event to go.

First destination, Midvalley for Makeover Beauty Expo.
To redeem my prize.
Showing of my slipper to Sarah when she asked what I wear! LOL!!

Black to match Hennessy night.

OTW to Midvalley in vain.

Goodie bags from the organizer.
30% OFF for ala carte waxing services.
DIY soap sample.

Bought myself a L'oreal Hair repair mask.

Second destination; KLCC Convention Centre.
For Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2012

Volkswagen is launching the New icon, new beetle.

The opening show.
Really interesting how they present the history of Volkswagen and Volkswagen Beetle.

Part of the show.
Super LOVE how they presented the Beetle and the lighting graphic.
Especially the Lighting cube! OMG! Nice!
The red, yellow and silver look really nice.
They should come with more bright sharp color.

After the intro and show, to the showroom.
They got a stage with models and car coming in and out. really great presentation from the beginning to the end of the showing! Great job for the organizer *clap clap*

third and last destination; KWC, Kenangan Wholesale City.
Hennessy Artistry Night!
I won 4invitation to H-Artistry nice! But kinda bored if you go with the wrong friends.
I expected it to be super happening and fun but NOPE!
Normal and bored!

The entry; Big Hennessy word right beside the registration counter.
Not a nice shot =_____=

Entrance; the Hennessy V.S.O.P wall! LOL!
Picture of me and babe Sarah.
My best party babe.
Finally he get us a nice photo, good learner.

Me and The Choong.
Where is yours eyes!? hahahahah!
He look kinda fat here! hahahahaha

The 360Cam!
Where you get to take a picture of you in 3D version.
This how it works;
You will be standing in the middle surrounded by DSLR and snap at the same time.
Tadaaaaa! You get your 3D photo.

The bar! All people main purpose to this event.
Free flow before 12am!
Hennessy and mix with your own choices.
Apple / Berry / Ginger / Soda

The girls and the boys =)

The Funny real couple and the Party partner couple.

Furk this photo really nice!
Thanks to me for taking this for you all.
Wtf I hate standing behind the camera=_______=

We LOVE drunk cat! Cause they always look so cute!
Ken you very cute in all the photo! Awwww

The guys

Color block!?
Blue, RED & Purple.
He just love to disturb me when I'm in vain.

The shy shy Nick & Drunk cat Ken.

Eddie and Highway (Sarah babe)

The best shot for babe!
SSSSS hahahah~!

Look who I met!
Vertigo Head of Bouncer.
He is super handsome right! LOL
He having a off day to come H-Artistry as his graduation celebration.

Photo of the days!
Me and the Choong pengacau.

Me and Babes <3

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