Thursday, September 13, 2012



You saw my tittle; We Run KL 10K
Is organize by Nike, I know everyone know it.
But still people who wasn't active don't know.
Like my babe Sarah Lee! hahahaha
As I say before September gonna be a very healthy month.
So I already registered. hahahah!

Super worth cause I register for the buddy run category.
Rm70 for two person.
individual will be Rm40 or Rm50.

Bad news is here; 
Yeah, registration is now closed.
So whoever haven register sorry honey no slot for you.

Many people have been waiting for Nike to open registration to public.
End up the registration section only last for SIX hours.
Then Chaos happen, everyone started to spam their wall. LOL
Enlarge to read.

Some angry Nike fans created this Boycott Nike run! LOL

created right after the news of closed registration.
Don't la so angry there always next year right. LOL!

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