Saturday, October 27, 2012


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Posting from Kuantan, Cherating Bay. Wondering why I'm here? My parents wanted to have a good rest, kinda boring right here nothing to do nothing to play boring!

Can't even have a good sleep, I can't sleep on a stranger bed. =_____=

Friday, October 19, 2012


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We had been planning to go for Paintball for few month or years?!
But we didn't really success our plan, but thanks to my Pretty FAT sis,Christina we success with our plan and pay cheap play more!

Not with the Notti Fam but with the Extreme gang.
12 person play for like 2hours or more? haha! ; Nice field to play but fully of BLOOD SUCKER! (Mosquitoes)
Other full of paint marks me full of mosquitoes bite marks.

This what happen to people who wear white! LOL

Sis and me

Second person who wear white.

The field

Orang gila.

Toilet are shared, so be careful.

Lunch after game, SUPER delicious dishes they serve.
*no food photo all too hungry*

This is how hurt I am.
Photo look like minor injury but reality super duper zuper terrible.

After bath =)

This is how it look like two days later. 

AND this is how you will look like when you're first time player and worry of getting hit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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Kinda busy with college and some other stuff which made me can't sit quietly infront my laptop to update my blog! =____________= So please forgive me! hahahah. Been quite hardcore with sport this few weeks! When for jog, marathon, paintball and badminton! But my size is still REMAINING the fat weight!!!!!!!!! DAFUQ Why you don't leave me FAT!?

Anyway, this is not the main topic!
I when for IMU Charity run marathon I take part in the 5KM run.
Im kinda old and rusty so take easy on it.

I got a 70, not bad huh.
Still not that old. =P *Bleuk*

JH, my buddy my dear

The Adorable Beh, he successfully in his diet! IHATEYOU! 

Chris the so called-Amazing-fella,
another fella who success transforming a meatball into a steak.

IMU Goodie bag.
Voucher kinda useless for me, i seldom use them.

Coming next; Guess what I gonna post on the next post! haha

Good night <3

Monday, October 8, 2012


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Once I saw the ugly of you, it mean the end.
I'm okay to stay alone than having someone who trying to use me or not sincerely having me with them.
It mean nothing to pretend we are really good and making people misunderstood.

I'm friendly but when I'm super tired please don't talk to much think that I don't really like, cause you might heard something nasty from me.