Monday, November 26, 2012


Black Friday

This post suppose to be posted on Black Friday,
That's why the title is Black Friday! hahaha

Pasted event, NIKE - We Run KL 10Km -
There's one thing I like Nike run, they actually have many music booth all the way
from starting point to finishing point.
With DJ spinning life and some dancer dancing, you feel more comfy when running.
Still the same let it be more Photo less Words.

Heading to the marathon!

This is what happen after I finish the run while queuing to get my finisher tee!
Muddy field!=______=

Some snack after big sweat.
Chew Chew Chow Tofu at Kepong.

A must try Claypot tofu and the wet tofu.

Super crispy TOFU! YUMMY!

My favorite!
The italian style tofu!

Super hungry!
We almost finished up the bowl and plate! haha

Second round, snack and dessert.
KTZ Kepong!

I have myself a third round that night!
Suppose to be ZOUK night but some fella FFK-ed me!
So just movida.

POTD - toilet photo!

This what every nike runner get.
Goodie recycle bag | Nike Tee , DTag & Tumbler | many Voucher

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