Monday, December 31, 2012


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It is 31st December 2012, 3:19am right now. I'm having exam at 9am! And still hugging my notes with me. Tomorrow die at exam hall and murdered by the paper.

I really done all I can, if you really still failing me I have nothing to blame. Wish me luck!

Anyway, since it is the last day of 2012. So…? What shall I say about this last day? Hmmmm~ nothing but god bless me and other friends who retaking it his freaking sub! I shall blog about my 2012 overall stuff but not now I have to find sandman.

Night night to all night owls. =)


Saturday, December 29, 2012


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Just a random post about my life as a teenager so when I'm super old or when I have children I can show all the shit I did to my children! hahaha. Alah, I admit nothing much special happening in my life this whole 21 years but so what I still enjoy my life happily and meet many super nice people. Anyway, my future Son or Daughter this your pretty cute 21years old mommy here! HAHAHAH! 

Being crazy talking to myself! OMG!! Stress of IDK what I stress pun. DAFUQ! Pathetic me! Everyone revision stress of exam and I'm doing nothing but watch drama Facebook and drama again. Okay all this is crap. I'm a normal teenage okay not a otaku type, I will go shopping movie hang out with my buddy also. I have photo as proof! *actually I have many photo as proof*

Nahhhhhhhhh~ Guess what mall is this, this happen to be before Christmas they are starting to decorate the center point with fake giant candies snack swissroll cake donuts ice-cream and more la. Damn everything look so cute, was planned to go after everything done decorated but was a little too busy on my college stuff! iskkk!

This is the done decorated one, it is cute!!!!! *Just knew the theme called Pastryland* Not sure do the decoration still there. Really wanted to take some photo with those cute yummy donuts. hahahaha! In Case you guys busy like me and don't know where the hell is this mall, It is One Utama. =P *bleuk*

(Photo from One Utama Facebook)

Enough promoting the Christmas deco for the mall, they didn't pay me for helping them. LOL
I'm there for movie not for the deco anyway. Know what, I love FREE stuff! hahaha *Who don't like free stuff now?!==* Was invited by Dylan to join him for movie since he have 2passes for "Life of Pi in 3D". This movie really nice! The best movie ever which make me feel like watching it for the second time. I think dumb people won't understand the real meaning in this movie. It doesn't mean I'm clever cause some of the meaning I found it online. hahahaha! Ohh~ before I forgot! Thanks to Churp Churp and Nuffnang for the passes.

Before movie of course we have to fulfill our tummy. Been long time I didn't eat Japanese cuisine! Went to Kita No Zen - Hokkaido Ichiban and I only knew it is under the same management as Sushi Zanmai, that's why I feel their Menu are almost the same but Kita No Zen serve higher price than Zanmai. Service really good and the environment very comfy too. Their food is YUMMY! But didn't get the chance to try different stuff just ordered the salmon don set. Salmon my favorite!

Just a random post so will end the post randomly too! ByeBye Night Night. hahahaha~ =P *bluek*

Friday, December 28, 2012


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Things is out of our control, so follow the flow. We can never control our life easily. Sometime what we planned doesn't mean it will go smoothly as we wanted to be. You can't expect the road to be straight or smooth without any bump right?

Problem make our life more excited. Just enjoy your life no matter how difficult it is. I believe god had already well planned our life, so no worried. If anything you happen to have but goon in a sudden it just some passbyer, god have placed them at your side just to help you to figure out your future.


Thursday, December 27, 2012


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Back to time! Actually should post it last month but kinda busy with all the rushy assignment so postponed. It was Irene Darling convocation for her Diploma. Congratulation but you still have to continue your Advance Diploma, too bad! hahahahah =P Anyway, she a happy girl she got four bunches of flowers. We just took few photos with her she is too too busy for other peoples. hahahah~
Me and Reno trying to steal some flame! *bluek*
We and Irene.

After her convocation, when to somewhere in Cheras just to have our Brunch. The awkward moment is we are having brunch with her god-parents and family. SUPER AWKWARD! But her godfather kinda funny and friendly so still okay. Believe me this fish is so NICE! People who know me I seldom eat steam fish but this definitely nice cause I finished it.

After brunch of course dessert la! So Tong Pak Fu we go, TPF is like our all time favorite. If you didn't eat before you must really try their Durian shaved ice really OMG surprised you. Go try once and you will like it like we do. Although their ambassador said Our Malaysia food not nice but still they came to our country and used the Durian to make shaved ice how pathetic! hahahhah *boo* to the ambassador.
Mango Napoleon with Vanila Ice-cream, damn this is heaven! Really cream and taste like cake. The top part really crispy and not too sweet, Nice! Other than this and durian ice, the Black Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanuts topping really nice and the sesame fragrance really (Y)! Their other ice is so so only.

That day was a Food heaven's day, a day which my mouth and stomach can't take a rest! Family dinner to celebrate my sis Catherine belated birthday. It hurt my pocket, cause it was treated by me and Chris. We went to Maiu Japanese Restaurant at Sri Petaling for our dinner. Maiu is a buffet restaurant but Ala crate style which mean you just need to be seated and order what you want. (Y)
 My elder sis, Christina. Happily ordering what she want to eat!
 Chawanmushi, yummy before main course and after main course a must for me.
 Shoyu Tofu, just so so.
 Grill Salmon fish head, I just have a bite. Not a fish eater! xP
SASHIMI! My Favorite! Maguro! Salmon! I can eat till I full. Know why I love buffet? Because I can order all the sashimi as many as I want! <3
 Smoked Salmon and Soft Shell Crab Maki! This really nice.
Done I'm full~ *burp Burp* Excuse me
Dessert after meal, Wasabi ice-cream. Quite nice sweet with a little bit of wasabi spicy. MUST TRY if you went to Maiu.
BuiBui eh Christina laughing of excitement! hahahahaha
All done with first round of dinner, Chris ordering for more FOODS!

Overall the dinner not so bad, environment not bad but not as good as we thought also. The restaurant is too small so space limited. The food they recommended but their service really not so good. What we order came wrong or didn't come, than they started to mess up all our food and we have to reorder everything. We wanted to order thing but the waitress seem too busy or didn't notice us.

They have two Maiu Restaurant;
Maiu Damansara Perdana
G-3A, The Place,
Jalan PJU 8/5D,
Bdr D'sara Perdana.
47820 Petaling Jaya. 

Maiu Seri Petaling
No 30-1, Jalan Radin Anum 2,
Bdr Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Monday - Sunday
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:00pm - 10:30pm

+60377290015(damansara perdana)
+60390575017(sri petaling)



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Quite long I didn't Post about giveaway, because a little bit lazy on typing the info! hahaha. I know I'm just too lazy! Anyway back to the main topic here;

Qoqo's giveaway! She always have giveaway and this the second giveaway I joined. Girls you might like this giveaway because the prize is ELF Make up set. Be quick and make sure you're LUCKY! She giving away two set of ELF make up. First prize is;

1. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Natural Eye
2. Limited Edition elf Holiday Shimmer liners
3. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Glitter Eye
4. elf Lipstick-Charming
5. Black Radiance Dual Pencil Sharpener
6. elf Studio Mineral Infused Mascara-Black
7. elf Studio Cream Eyeliner-Black
8. elf Liquid Eyeliner-Teal
9. elf Natural Radiance Blusher-Innocence
10. elf All Over Cover Stick-Rosy Beige
11. elf Lipstick - Classy
12. elf Hypershine Lipgloss-Vixen

And for the Second prize it will be lesser cosmetics but still you will like it! Second prize;
1. Limited Edition elf Holiday Shimmer liners
2. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Smokey Eye
3. elf Liquid Eyeliner-Copper
4. Black Radiance Dual Pencil Sharpener
5. elf Hypershine Lipgloss-Bare
6. elf All Over Cover Stick-Honey
7. elf Natural Radiance Blusher-Bronzed
8. elf Lipstick-Fantasy
9. elf Lipstick-Seductive

Wanted to join and get the Make up set!? Here how to join;
How to Join the Giveaway?
-Follow my Blog (+1 Entry Point)
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-Tweet about Giveaway (+1 Entry Point)

Then, remember to comment under her's Giveaway post;
1. Follower Nickname: [Name]
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If you wanted to join the giveaway join now it ending on 31st December 2012. Winners will be announced one or two day later. Winners will be contact through email. You're not from Singapore no worry! Because it's open international. So Wait what!? JOIN NOW! Is simple as ABC. And remember to put the slide on ur blog page. More info or details go to QoQo's Blog CLICK HERE

I'm done mine. =) *Fingers crossing* GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day!

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Is End of year, December!
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! So a Christmas tree is a MUST! Pretty Christmas tree at Lot10 Shabu One.
Look at the decoration on the TREE! It so FLUFFY and Pure white it mean everything on Christmas! =) *Love* Really love Christmas tree especially the pretty one!
Anyway, What and how all of you celebrated and passed your Christmas and Eve!? Mine was greatest than ever! Was i Singapore with my family and meet up with my friends there on Christmas Eve. We went to many places include the places which full of Christmas celebration mood in Singapore, Orchard road. But before 12am went to Clarke Quay meet up with my Dearest Bro Reno! 

We celebrated at Zirca one of the top Singapore bar in top10 list! Really Amazing club great Bass and environment! Most important many pretty peoples! If Zirca not your choice there're more other Bars and clubs to choose nearby there. Really a great place for Night Owls! *screaming*

In case you guys interested to visit;

#01-02-05 Blk. C The Cannery,
Clarke Quay,
3 River Valley Rd.,
Singapore, Singapore

Opening Hours;
Wednesday - Saturday 9:30pm - 4:30am

Christmas day, went to Sentosa. Just have our breakfast and have a walk around there. TOO MUCH people! But really nice place for tourist or family day.
My first Christmas present I supposed. Not as fancy as I thought and no RIBBON nor Cute santa wrapping paper nor Christmas card! Set of McDonald Olympic glasses!=_________=" Lamest gift! Anyway thanks.
Ending this post with Santa Butt! hahahah~ Cutest Santa ever! With Love! xoxo.

Merry Christmas AND Happy Boxing Day! <3

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Help Please

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Please don't leave my page okay!
I know posting 3 post in a day is a little too much!
But all the "ohm" just came to me in a sudden! haahahahah
Show you my PRETTYFACE #PigFace first!

Here the main point of this post!
Help me Vote please and thanks =)
1. Like the page
2. And press the VOTE button!


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This is the benefit of being a blogger and followed Nuffnang often! Maybe some of you remember about the #NNShutterBugs14Days Challenge. If you missed the chances to won their great prizes, no worry cause this month why have #NNFashionFab14Days Challenge. Sorry for the late post and the challenge almost end. aiks! Sorry, no worry just keep an eyes on Nuffnang you might win something from them or maybe movie tickets!!

And yes this is me! My photo in the middle of #DenimMadness.
Yeah~ I won and thanks Nuffnang!


Oh My My

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Probably who don't know me will wonder where I got those red spots all over my face. No worry wasn't any infection or bug bite, it was injection hole from DrTing! =______=
How good he is to poke my face so many holes and it is so dammit PAINFUL! It straight away bleeding once he poked me with the needle!!!!!!!

But still believe me he is a good skin specialist Doctor and a very cool uncle. He don't smile or joke with you probably because he have no time to joke with you. He have damn many patients waiting to see him.
Don't believe? Go and have a look for yourself, I went there twice at 8 in the morning and people already long queuing there. They open clinic at 9 in the morning.

In case you guys really want to visit the cool uncle doctor here the info;
Ting Skin & Laser Clinic
134, Jalan Imbi Road,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2144 4848

Mon-Sat :
9:00am - 1:00pm
2:00pm - 6:00pm

Except Wednesday :
9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday off.
This my medi.
Those small label was labeled by myself.

facial cleanser
Pimples cream
and back-acne cream
All one month supply it costed me RM170-200 each time I visit.

So remember to prepare your cash cause they only receive card for RM300 and above. Ohh, they also charge 2-3% for the card. So better prepare cash!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Date with Her

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Another Sunday morning!
My family have a sudden thought to go for badminton!
And there we are everyone + Lim future-Son-in-law, except Nelson.
Nice shot right!? Without filter only sunlight! (Y)
In case you guys wondering where the heck the place is;
White Fairy Sports Badminton, Taman Mawar
TK3/11, Taman Kinrara, Jalan Puchong.

Weekdays 10am-6pm RM12/hour
Weekdays 6pm-12am RM25/hour

Weekend and Public Holidays 8am-6pm RM12/hour
Weekend and Public Holidays 6pm012am RM25/hour

Student Rate
Weekdays 10am-6pm RM10/hour (except public holidays)
Special Rate
Weekdays 6pm-7pm RM15/hour (except public holidays)

Contact: 016-3621917

After sport everyone got really really hungry!
Look at the food! And this is not all yet!==
*excuse my mom glutton face* hahaha
OMG! My favorite bao 金沙包-salty egg custard bun
Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong (Puchong Jaya)
Behind HSBC Bank in Puchong Jaya 
No. 7 & 8, Jalan Kenari 8, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya,

Tel: +603 8075 0866
Operating Hours:
7.00am - 11.30pm

*Always full and have to wait for table especially for big table*

After Breakfast with parent, went home bath and fetch my Babe.
Sarah ; My forever boyfriend. Is our Food Hunt day.

When to Ikea for lunch!!
Yummy~! It was my first time eating at Ikea. *shy*

Lingonberry juice RM2.50 - If I'm not mistake
(Lingonberry Juice Helps to Improve Blood Pressure)
*Thumb up*

(Left) Swedish meatball RM5-RM17 -5pcs/10pcs/15pcs/20pcs
with their special super duper NICE gravy and lingonberries jam

(Right) Chicken Whole Leg RM9.90
with Swedish Spice & Lemongrass Sauce.
Many people queuing up just to have their meatball! *is a MUST*

Do I really still need to say where this place is?
Ikea Cafeteria Damansara.

How to Order (Just in case you're first timer) ;
1. get yourself a trolley and place tray on it. (If you buying more than one item)
2. Queue up move along the queue will saw those food just pick the food you want.
(Some food you have to order from the food counter)
3. Pay you food at the counter. (They have pudding near the counter)

After Lunch we head to Setapak, KL Festival City Mall.
Walking around and found this, Scallop-Q 士林干贝烧

Really really is a MUST to try at least once!
Damn nice! One stick = four scallops.
They have 11 flavours.

We ordered two stick;
Natural Sea Salt (人妻海盐) 
Wasabi Pepper Salt (小三芥末)
RM5.80 each stick
(They have buy 3 free 1 & students offer too)

Both WULALA!!!!!!!!!!
Me with my Wasabi pepper salt.
(Second Floor)
In front of Mac City
KL Festival City Mall 
67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur. 

Occubite ; Muffin & Coffee
"Less Fat, Less Sugar, Less Calories"
*fyi this box of muffin I won it from CLEO, So thanks to CLEO*

I picked 6 for different flavors;
1. Katy Berry
2. Black Eye Peace
3. Men In Black
4. Chicken Gump
5. forgot the name! LOL
6. White Tower

Per piece: RM2.50
Box of 4 pieces: RM9.90
Box of 6 pieces: RM13.80
Box of 12 pieces: RM24.80
2 Boxes of 6 pieces: RM27.60
Their Choco muffin reallly nice! The floss one Not bad too.

KL Festival City Mall
Just next to Scallop-Q

Our dinner ; Bear Paw
The bun to sauce all choose by yourself.
I chosen Milk bun + chicken + Black pepper sauce?

They have set of one bun + a drink = RM11.90 Onward
Is really cute to put it into your mouth!LOL
But it is so so for me, the bun is like 馒头(steamed bun).
The chicken is Fried chicken chop with the Black pepper sauce.
Chicken chop nice! (Y)

G6, Platinum Victoria 128,
Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook ; Bear Paw 熊手包

Our food hunt end here!
And start drinking then.
Vdart Setapak Pv128 with Dylan and Seff.

Me showing my grumpy face! Am not drunk okay!=_="
A little bit addicted to playing dart, quite fun when I'm winning! hahahaha
Us~ =P
This is not the end of our day out.

We have second round!
Changkat, KL
 Nothing much other than drink drink and still drink.

Okay is 21-12-2012 Friday! Mean DOOMSDAY~
This might be my last post on blog on earth.
Next post If I blogged probably I'm blogging at Heaven or maybe Hell! xD

Hell NO! Doomsday bullshit!
Sign out at 5:11am Friday 21-12-2012

Night reader or stalker.
*If I really have*