Thursday, December 6, 2012


Awake Life

Been busy with my College stuff with the-Freaky-Gang!
Is already 2-3weeks? I think *thinking*.
We been staying at the same space same roof for so damn long.
Sleepless and keep on awake to rush all our Assignments.

Do you know whenever you never sleep for few days your brain will start getting crazy
AND start doing insane stuff

Look at all the photo and you will know it.

Our 大姐! *being gay*

Our三姐 also the TIKUS Lim!

This what we call INSANE!

In black 二姐very obvious he is.......*Vandalism-ing*
Thee so-called-muscular is三姐.

We are having break now! Come back other days!

Search here and there *Pretending jek*

Searching again (FYI is Facebook not Porno)

Taking a good angle with the real demo!
Ignore my Pretty Face #Pigface.

This is all the shit we doing and enjoying at the same time!
Planing | Organizing | Managing

Colorful StickyNote *I call those sticky stuff as Notepad*

The Youtuber! <3
You know who they are, no need to intro right.
I will intro again next time okay!? *BTW not a promise*

 My Doodle
(My famous Turtle human drawing!)


 I shall thanks her(Sarah) My Babe to promoting me on her blog!==
But she gonna really freak my fans or secret admirer away.
*If and only I have one la*

Have to go back to work!
MOVE YOU ASS MsCarolineLzt

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