Thursday, December 27, 2012



Quite long I didn't Post about giveaway, because a little bit lazy on typing the info! hahaha. I know I'm just too lazy! Anyway back to the main topic here;

Qoqo's giveaway! She always have giveaway and this the second giveaway I joined. Girls you might like this giveaway because the prize is ELF Make up set. Be quick and make sure you're LUCKY! She giving away two set of ELF make up. First prize is;

1. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Natural Eye
2. Limited Edition elf Holiday Shimmer liners
3. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Glitter Eye
4. elf Lipstick-Charming
5. Black Radiance Dual Pencil Sharpener
6. elf Studio Mineral Infused Mascara-Black
7. elf Studio Cream Eyeliner-Black
8. elf Liquid Eyeliner-Teal
9. elf Natural Radiance Blusher-Innocence
10. elf All Over Cover Stick-Rosy Beige
11. elf Lipstick - Classy
12. elf Hypershine Lipgloss-Vixen

And for the Second prize it will be lesser cosmetics but still you will like it! Second prize;
1. Limited Edition elf Holiday Shimmer liners
2. Limited Edition elf Holiday Eyeshadow-Smokey Eye
3. elf Liquid Eyeliner-Copper
4. Black Radiance Dual Pencil Sharpener
5. elf Hypershine Lipgloss-Bare
6. elf All Over Cover Stick-Honey
7. elf Natural Radiance Blusher-Bronzed
8. elf Lipstick-Fantasy
9. elf Lipstick-Seductive

Wanted to join and get the Make up set!? Here how to join;
How to Join the Giveaway?
-Follow my Blog (+1 Entry Point)
-Sidebar Giveaway on your blog (+1 Entry Point)
-Tweet about Giveaway (+1 Entry Point)

Then, remember to comment under her's Giveaway post;
1. Follower Nickname: [Name]
2. Side Bar Giveaway: [Your Blog Url]
3. Tweet About Giveaway: [Tweeted Url]
4. Your Email Address: [Email]

If you wanted to join the giveaway join now it ending on 31st December 2012. Winners will be announced one or two day later. Winners will be contact through email. You're not from Singapore no worry! Because it's open international. So Wait what!? JOIN NOW! Is simple as ABC. And remember to put the slide on ur blog page. More info or details go to QoQo's Blog CLICK HERE

I'm done mine. =) *Fingers crossing* GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

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