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Back to time! Actually should post it last month but kinda busy with all the rushy assignment so postponed. It was Irene Darling convocation for her Diploma. Congratulation but you still have to continue your Advance Diploma, too bad! hahahahah =P Anyway, she a happy girl she got four bunches of flowers. We just took few photos with her she is too too busy for other peoples. hahahah~
Me and Reno trying to steal some flame! *bluek*
We and Irene.

After her convocation, when to somewhere in Cheras just to have our Brunch. The awkward moment is we are having brunch with her god-parents and family. SUPER AWKWARD! But her godfather kinda funny and friendly so still okay. Believe me this fish is so NICE! People who know me I seldom eat steam fish but this definitely nice cause I finished it.

After brunch of course dessert la! So Tong Pak Fu we go, TPF is like our all time favorite. If you didn't eat before you must really try their Durian shaved ice really OMG surprised you. Go try once and you will like it like we do. Although their ambassador said Our Malaysia food not nice but still they came to our country and used the Durian to make shaved ice how pathetic! hahahhah *boo* to the ambassador.
Mango Napoleon with Vanila Ice-cream, damn this is heaven! Really cream and taste like cake. The top part really crispy and not too sweet, Nice! Other than this and durian ice, the Black Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanuts topping really nice and the sesame fragrance really (Y)! Their other ice is so so only.

That day was a Food heaven's day, a day which my mouth and stomach can't take a rest! Family dinner to celebrate my sis Catherine belated birthday. It hurt my pocket, cause it was treated by me and Chris. We went to Maiu Japanese Restaurant at Sri Petaling for our dinner. Maiu is a buffet restaurant but Ala crate style which mean you just need to be seated and order what you want. (Y)
 My elder sis, Christina. Happily ordering what she want to eat!
 Chawanmushi, yummy before main course and after main course a must for me.
 Shoyu Tofu, just so so.
 Grill Salmon fish head, I just have a bite. Not a fish eater! xP
SASHIMI! My Favorite! Maguro! Salmon! I can eat till I full. Know why I love buffet? Because I can order all the sashimi as many as I want! <3
 Smoked Salmon and Soft Shell Crab Maki! This really nice.
Done I'm full~ *burp Burp* Excuse me
Dessert after meal, Wasabi ice-cream. Quite nice sweet with a little bit of wasabi spicy. MUST TRY if you went to Maiu.
BuiBui eh Christina laughing of excitement! hahahahaha
All done with first round of dinner, Chris ordering for more FOODS!

Overall the dinner not so bad, environment not bad but not as good as we thought also. The restaurant is too small so space limited. The food they recommended but their service really not so good. What we order came wrong or didn't come, than they started to mess up all our food and we have to reorder everything. We wanted to order thing but the waitress seem too busy or didn't notice us.

They have two Maiu Restaurant;
Maiu Damansara Perdana
G-3A, The Place,
Jalan PJU 8/5D,
Bdr D'sara Perdana.
47820 Petaling Jaya. 

Maiu Seri Petaling
No 30-1, Jalan Radin Anum 2,
Bdr Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Monday - Sunday
11:30am - 2:30pm
6:00pm - 10:30pm

+60377290015(damansara perdana)
+60390575017(sri petaling)


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