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Just a random post about my life as a teenager so when I'm super old or when I have children I can show all the shit I did to my children! hahaha. Alah, I admit nothing much special happening in my life this whole 21 years but so what I still enjoy my life happily and meet many super nice people. Anyway, my future Son or Daughter this your pretty cute 21years old mommy here! HAHAHAH! 

Being crazy talking to myself! OMG!! Stress of IDK what I stress pun. DAFUQ! Pathetic me! Everyone revision stress of exam and I'm doing nothing but watch drama Facebook and drama again. Okay all this is crap. I'm a normal teenage okay not a otaku type, I will go shopping movie hang out with my buddy also. I have photo as proof! *actually I have many photo as proof*

Nahhhhhhhhh~ Guess what mall is this, this happen to be before Christmas they are starting to decorate the center point with fake giant candies snack swissroll cake donuts ice-cream and more la. Damn everything look so cute, was planned to go after everything done decorated but was a little too busy on my college stuff! iskkk!

This is the done decorated one, it is cute!!!!! *Just knew the theme called Pastryland* Not sure do the decoration still there. Really wanted to take some photo with those cute yummy donuts. hahahaha! In Case you guys busy like me and don't know where the hell is this mall, It is One Utama. =P *bleuk*

(Photo from One Utama Facebook)

Enough promoting the Christmas deco for the mall, they didn't pay me for helping them. LOL
I'm there for movie not for the deco anyway. Know what, I love FREE stuff! hahaha *Who don't like free stuff now?!==* Was invited by Dylan to join him for movie since he have 2passes for "Life of Pi in 3D". This movie really nice! The best movie ever which make me feel like watching it for the second time. I think dumb people won't understand the real meaning in this movie. It doesn't mean I'm clever cause some of the meaning I found it online. hahahaha! Ohh~ before I forgot! Thanks to Churp Churp and Nuffnang for the passes.

Before movie of course we have to fulfill our tummy. Been long time I didn't eat Japanese cuisine! Went to Kita No Zen - Hokkaido Ichiban and I only knew it is under the same management as Sushi Zanmai, that's why I feel their Menu are almost the same but Kita No Zen serve higher price than Zanmai. Service really good and the environment very comfy too. Their food is YUMMY! But didn't get the chance to try different stuff just ordered the salmon don set. Salmon my favorite!

Just a random post so will end the post randomly too! ByeBye Night Night. hahahaha~ =P *bluek*

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