Friday, December 14, 2012


The Famous One

Waked by my parent at 7am! AM! Ohmygosh!! Really sleepless even trip I can't get a real sleep. Not complaining but at least let me have enough energy to rock Sarawak!

Back to topic, was waked just to come over Noodle Descendants for the famous Kowlo mee.

We reached by 8.30am just now and we just got our table right now. Those people who reach before us have empty table and now their table is still remaining empty table!! #Holyshit *was wondering how long they had waited*

I'm so gonna starve to death, my friends in KL please prepare some more to buy me white gold!! *just kidding* I seldom feel hungry so is alright for me but as for my parents siblings and future-broInLaw they are gonna hunger to death. Hahahaha *evil laugh*

Lucky Apple and Android create good stuff. Hahahah~ They helped my family distract from thinking of hunger. But not helping me, I not a gamer and this early my friend not even awake no one to chat with. Most important I'm sleepy!

Only think I can do is wait wait wait wait an continue waiting till I got my kowlo mee!!! #godbless

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