Monday, December 23, 2013

Jingle Jingle

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Oh well is almost Christmas and also almost end of the year of 2013 which mean I'm gonna start my new job very very soon!!

So Christmas I don't wish for big or luxury present from Santa just wishing all my family, my bf & my friends will be good in life and my career will be more stable.

Nothing much I could really wish for I believe money wont drop from sky and luxury won't walk to my doorstep waiting for me to pick them up. So I only hope my life will be smooth for the years coming.

On Christmas night I will be having ice-cream with my bf just like last 2years. We had Gelato ice-cream at Midvalley on the first year together

and last year we had il Gelato di Bruno in Singapore, Universal Studio.

So this year where should we have?! And what ice-cream shall we get for on Christmas?!
I think I shall tell my bf, make it a routine every year Christmas we must go for ice-cream together!! Hahaha

If you ask me what is the happiness think to do in the world, it will be staying together with my family and my bf.

Because they are the person I first know since I born and the last person I will wanna see before I lying in a coffin.

Love ; MsCarolineLzt

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hula Hula

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It been awhile I didnt update my blog and here am I after awhile, I been MIA because my laptop death and not yet recover now Im blogging using my bro notebook, it is so lag and slow!!!!! Anyway MARI give a guess see what Im gonna blog about, here a clue for you. My OOTN;

Continue guessing till you found the answer, this is me and my besties, Sarah trying hard to avoid from photobombed me, this is why she is blurred behind me. We are stuck in a jam while going to the place.

We finally arrived and a little late, we reach and they just started everything. So many beautiful Butterflies and caterpillars with the SWAG team. SWAG giving some speeches and us listening carefully.

The flying HULA HULA!! and The Hula Girl welcome us.

A mini game for everyone to win ourselves some extra goodies, easy game but we lose the game. meh meh~

We have to fill an empty container till full using these tools; sponge, silk cloth, fabric, sponge with stick and etc etc.
All the Pretty ladies rushing to fill their container.

After the game we when into the sponsored venue to have a look and TAADAA we saw this, Kinohimitsu  J'pan Bio-Booster. This is their new products events. So did you got your answer correct?? We are all gather at Vila Manja Spa with the Butterfly Project blogger to learn and get to taste everything ourselves.

Them explaining what and why we should have Bio-Booster also the benefit of it.

The door was open big and the big sign of Kinohimitsu Luau Party so the butterflies won't lose their way. ALOHAAA!!

We got to taste the Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster at the second booth; It taste nice, it is lychee flavor. It can be mix with 100ml cold water for better taste or just pour it into your mouths. I skipped first booth because I didnt took photo of it, it is the goodies bag redemption booth.

Third booth the Spin & WIN! Everyone have a chance to win another extra goodie, how great right!? I wanna spin myself a electronic fan but NO! I got another bottle of Kino collagen no that bad la but I still want the fan! hahahah 

Fourth booth the Mocktail bar; they serving us with Kinohimitsu moctails and CUPCAKES!!! It is delicious and cute.

I even take a photo with my cupcake! So many flower =D

After passing all the booth, we went to the 123Cheese Photobooth to have our nice photobooth photo! BIG Thanks to 123cheese for sponsoring the event so we all the butterflies have free pretty photo souvenir.

The local celebrities also consume Kinohimitsu to keep thei body healthier and prettier skin!! They give everyone a short speech of experience and result of consuming Kino products.

The SWAG team even prepare us some dinner, how considerate they are feeding us with yummy food and nice goodies and also activities. But one bad thing is we have to stand there and eat our foods.

Some belly dance presenting by the Celebrity Fitness or Fitness First dancer. Sorry I forgot which fitness it is from. It is a nice and enjoyable dance with the sweet smile from the dancer.

After all those standing, walking and playing we finally have short rest while waiting for our free 5 minutes massages sponsor from Vila Manja Spa.

Happy moments always end very fast and we ended the event with a BIG GROUP photo which I don't have it. hahaahha! Got home and camwhore/vain a bit. I only do this when I put on make up, because I look more presentable and won't scare you people away.

This what I get from the event and also some good knowledge also meet many other butterflier blogger! Hope I have more chances to meet everyone again in the next events. 

What in the goodies bag; 1 box of Kino Bio Booster

1 small box of J'pan Beauty Drink, Collagen.

The photo from 123cheese photobooth. We also got a cert from The Butterfly Project, button pin and a sticker of Luau Party.

POTD; Hawaii with flowery accessories!!! They actually gave we each person a Lei, but I keep it because I was a bit too much flower -_-"  Anyway everyone look so nice and well prepare in the hawaii/beach wear to match the event theme!! 

Gonna thanks to The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu for all the fun and everything on that night. Thanks to giving me a big and memorable chances to join you guys to success this events. LOVE & HUGGIESS!

Will try my best to update review others pending review. Also will review after I finished the Bio-Booster. Night everyone =*

Friday, November 29, 2013


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This is how I look like right now! My laptop finally death can't even on it keep on shutting down when it show the Window logo. How great! I still have to review the Kino x Butterfly Luau party, MrLens, Hit Fitness & Martial Art gym and Cleanztox review.

Now everything have to be hold on! HOWWWWWW!! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY LAPTOP!!!! Shit thing come once and stay!

Am currently at JB waiting for my bfy big day tomorrow! Excited but not that excited yet nor nervous. He look calm and steady too like normal him. Tomorrow he will be at KSL Mall for his first Fight on stage. It is the Fight organized by his mentor, Melvin Yeoh one of the top fighter in Malaysia.

The Ultimate Beatdown, will start at 6.30pm tomorrow in KSL Mall level-1, Exhibition Hall. By the way anyone who interested to watch the fight you have to pay for the entry passes which cost RM30. For those who already bought the tickets do keep it will because you might be the lucky one who won the lucky draw.

If you got the lucky draw but don't want it just give it to me, I will be grateful to own it! hahahahh

Am so hungry now I could eat a horse or two!! Im here accompanying my bfy fasting because he have to go for weight in later so he can't be over weight! *face palm* Why do fighter have to torture themselves!!! Im feeling so torture now hungry like abcdefg!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Santa Hermo Hear My WISH!!

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Santa Clause is coming to town! Yeah is almost Christmas although I'm not Christian but I still love the festive because people giving each other present!! hahahahahah

Santa Hermo are going to give few of us Butterflies some Christmas present of our own choice but only the amount of RM80!! Am so excited and hoping I'm one of them. So here my wishlist;

#3 - Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss - 03 Cherry Ade RM19

Why I choose this because everyone advise me to use Aloe vera gel because I have many scar or pimples they said it can cure it, so i must have a try.

The lip gloss because I lost mine lip gloss on the night at Villa Manja Hawaii Luau party.

Anyway, do visit they have many variety beauty product from Head to Toes. They have wide range or product from Korea and Taiwan. Their product are 100% original product and they have this 14 days free return without reasons. They selling every product with cheaper price just browse and buy easy right.

Now fingers crossing till the result out! Please read my post Santa. =P

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Continue of Being Butterfly

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Okay start guess what am I gonna blog about!!! First of all I have to say sorry to Butterfly Project and Bag Of Love because now only I wanted to blog about it.

My house internet quota finished can't even upload photo!! This is the only photo I uploaded so long.

Ladies please be patience.

Continue my review, the one I'm super late to submit and the line being rebel!! Keep my wind for another post stick to the topic.

By right I should post it way back, as this is a Halloween version of Bag of Love Lice and Taadaaa! Sorry for the late post and this the bag of the month, Halloween Pumpkin. Cute right!?

Let see what inside; 
  1. Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++, full size
  2. Definite makeup brush
  3. Wella, SP hair repair mask
  4. Wella, SP shampoo
  5. Collistar, anti-cellulite
  6. Splash, mini glow in dark nail polish

Collistar, anticellulite; I haven try it on for real not really sure does it really really could just burn away those "orange skin". That's why it is in the Bag Of Love to let us try it before we really buying the full size.

Always remember to read all the instruction before applying it, in case you have any sensitive.

This is how the inside look like watery liquid not sticky, just wipe it on the part with "orange peel".

The Splashiest nail polish ever, easy coating on and fast drying polish. The color are semi-transparent pinkish orange for what your eyes seeing only.

But actually the color isn't as what you seen. This is magical nail polish!

The surprise is here! It glow in the dark, it is neon yellow. You have to apply 2-3 coats to see the effects. This the reason why Splash is in the October-Halloween bag. Really suitable for Halloween season.

The Wella Sp hair mask & shampoo, I tried them and YES it is really nice. After using it and blow dry my hair they are so smooth and smell good. I look the mask more, gonna buy their hair mask after I finish my current mask.

The Definite makeup brush, the brush is soft but I have too too too much brush! So this is gonna be in the drawer till I spoil the current one.

Lastly, the Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream with SPF50/PA+++. CC stand for Color Correction or Color Control.

Remember again, READ everything. I believe this 30ml can use quite sometime, you don't need many to cover whole face and your neck.

This is how it look like before you spreading all over your face, milky white. This is a bit too much, I only need like half of the amount of the photo shown. The texture are different then the BB cream, it is light, non-stick, non-oily and it is water base cream. 

Dab small amount on the face and neck then spreading it using patting motion all over the face and neck. you will see the milky white cream auto-adjust the color to the color of your skin tone. I really like the CREAM! I feel good like I didn't put on any cream on. Best is it can cover the minor scar and pores too. I recommending this if you wanna try CC cream.

This is the With and Without the cream on without any editing on color or brightness. The red ring is the spot I applied. 

I almost forgot, one last thing in the bag. A discount voucher at JoJoBa Spa/Royale Spa. But this will be wasted =_= I don't think I will be going or using this so anyone want it!? Do let me know I will just give it to her or him. Expire on 31st December 2013 so you still have 1 month to use it. So if interested do let me know ASAP!

If you are interested to see what coming next in Bag Of Love followed them on

Christmas coming and they already posted the coming December bag of the month. You might like it, it is a Red puffy clutch as below, the photo I took it from their Facebook. Be quite and subscribe now before sold out.

This is all about the review and Big thanks to Bag Of Love of course and a must to thanks The Butterfly Project and their SWAT team for choosing me as the gonna be Butterfly. Thank you!!