Friday, January 25, 2013


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Stressed read from the back it mean dessert! We have two couple and a non-single fella on Friday doing nothing. So we decided to come to La gourmet for dessert, main ice the mix fruits ice mountain.

Damn big portion! It written 6pax but we have five but can't even finish it!! We only ate half and a little more. Price for the big ice RM35.90 and recommended to 8pax if you're not big eater. Btw La Gourmet only in Johor Bharu. Sorry for KL people, lucky me I have a JB boyfriend hahahahahaha! Don't jelly please. =P <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Owh~ this ice mountain look nice but taste normal, it have mango, longan, kiwi and strawberry. Inside it have black pearl and red bean. Three liquid mixer brown sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk.

The fruits are all soury! I think Except the longan cause longan won't taste sour. Hahah! But I don't know it is sour also cause I don't eat longan.

I prefer those small bowl dessert or ice than this mountain. Me and bfy last week ate their Mango Durian and Green Tea milk ice. Mango Durian really nice, Is a MUST!! The black pearl And red bean is a big NONO!!

They have another mango mountain but not worth cause is empty ice with mango sirup wiped outside and few mango meat and the mixer liquid. Price RM35.90 so not worth.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Being a Good Gf

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Question of the day:
How to become a good girlfriend?

If you ask me, I will say;
Allowed him to play DOTA is a good girlfriend!
And I am definitely a great girlfriend ever!
Believe or not I accompany him when he play DOTA.
Many girl might not like a gamer boyfriend but I'm fine with it as long he still remember where is his girl right now and of course he still answer my calls, reply my texts and never ignore me while gaming.

Right now I'm blogging next to him and he seriously playing him DOTA. Once a while a DOTA night with his friends is okay. They just need to have his time with friends and his hobby. hahahaha

Girls you hate your boyfriend go DOTA, it exactly how the boyfriend disliking us to use their money for shopping. SO ALLOW HIM TO DOTA and you will get whatever clothes/shoes/bags you want! HAHAHAHAHAH *joking*
Your boyfriend will never hate you using his money on shopping just like my boyfriend! <3 Love him! hahahaha
My boyfriend learn how to Love my HOBBY (shopping) and he accompany me for it, I shall just learn to Love his HOBBY (DOTA) and accompany him as well. This what I call a good girlfriend.

Know what!? Just now while coming to Cybercafe I tripped at the stair!== I break my toe nail! And I scratches my elbow!SO PAINFUL! wuwuwuuw *screaming-in-pain* But the most funny moment is when I turn to my boyfriend he look so DAMN fierce. *OMG*

Because he thought The fella behind me kicked me that's why I tripped, he even wanted to whack him==" cause he thought he kicked me and didn't apologize to me. Lucky his mouth move before action, he asked me what happen first. AHAHAHH! *cutest boy ever* <3


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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I'm current at Johor Bharu very close to Singapore. Which where my boyfriend born, yup his hometown. Here for my semester break and today is the 3rd day I'm here.

Did nothing but at his house watch tv and exercise==" first we reach went to have dinner with his ex colleagues, yesterday night went badminton with his buddies and this morning went gym with him and one of his buddy.

See other than sweat nothing else I did! Not yet go to Hello Kitty Town and eat my La Gourmet dessert yet!! I forgot to bring my passport, can't go Bugis Street. Boringgggggggg!

Ohh~ and I'm here to be his maid as well! I help him in cleaning his room, washing his laundry, helped to fold his fam clothes, helped in preparing the veggies or dinner and later on I have to help his mom to mop the floor.

It like a summer or winter break training to be a soon-to-his-mom-daughter-in-law. FML! Tension!!!

My stupid throat is killing me too! OMG~ almost can't speak lucky his mom have this very weird taste disgusting honey, few drop into the throat and now getting better more!!!! (Y) power of the weird disgusting honey!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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Don't make yourself look so pathetic.
You look so silly to me.

You're not a artist so don't act so dramatic.
It look so funny!

What a loser.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


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A very late Christmas present from the fella! Is a really cute handmade keyholder. Happy 5201314! <3 sweet dream everyone. Nighty nighty.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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A day which started and ended with tiredness tiredness and tiredness!!! Exam, work and a small party with they gangs. But you know what? I countdown-ed in the toilet again! YES IS AGAIN!

Christmas Eve when the clock strike 12am I'm inside the toilet at Clarke Quay, Singapore! Today New Year Eve same time same place toilet again but this time at my house. I was just got home from work and rushing to bath and go to my bro house== half way my mom shout outside the toilet 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

She then added "Ting, you bath for the whole years!? From 2012 till now 2013" zzzz!! My mom a bit too lame I know! Hahahaha by the way my family call me Ting.

Anyway, HAPPY 2013 NEW YEAR! Good year ahead too people who I loved families and friends. Too people who have hard time over the-so-so thingy new year ahead plan what to do well this time don't mess it up again. People who don't have bf gf no worry find one in 2013, nothing to late.

Nights fellows. <3
With LOVE.