Thursday, January 24, 2013


Being a Good Gf

Question of the day:
How to become a good girlfriend?

If you ask me, I will say;
Allowed him to play DOTA is a good girlfriend!
And I am definitely a great girlfriend ever!
Believe or not I accompany him when he play DOTA.
Many girl might not like a gamer boyfriend but I'm fine with it as long he still remember where is his girl right now and of course he still answer my calls, reply my texts and never ignore me while gaming.

Right now I'm blogging next to him and he seriously playing him DOTA. Once a while a DOTA night with his friends is okay. They just need to have his time with friends and his hobby. hahahaha

Girls you hate your boyfriend go DOTA, it exactly how the boyfriend disliking us to use their money for shopping. SO ALLOW HIM TO DOTA and you will get whatever clothes/shoes/bags you want! HAHAHAHAHAH *joking*
Your boyfriend will never hate you using his money on shopping just like my boyfriend! <3 Love him! hahahaha
My boyfriend learn how to Love my HOBBY (shopping) and he accompany me for it, I shall just learn to Love his HOBBY (DOTA) and accompany him as well. This what I call a good girlfriend.

Know what!? Just now while coming to Cybercafe I tripped at the stair!== I break my toe nail! And I scratches my elbow!SO PAINFUL! wuwuwuuw *screaming-in-pain* But the most funny moment is when I turn to my boyfriend he look so DAMN fierce. *OMG*

Because he thought The fella behind me kicked me that's why I tripped, he even wanted to whack him==" cause he thought he kicked me and didn't apologize to me. Lucky his mouth move before action, he asked me what happen first. AHAHAHH! *cutest boy ever* <3


If any of you curious who the hack is my boy. He is the fella who I broke up with one year ago, which he actually did something wrong and I kicked him away. But then he actually did something good and grew more and more mature. So I gave him a second chance and here we are back together AGAIN!

This 2011 May picture; The naive look we are! HAHAH

This 2013 January; All grown up mature adult.

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