Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I'm current at Johor Bharu very close to Singapore. Which where my boyfriend born, yup his hometown. Here for my semester break and today is the 3rd day I'm here.

Did nothing but at his house watch tv and exercise==" first we reach went to have dinner with his ex colleagues, yesterday night went badminton with his buddies and this morning went gym with him and one of his buddy.

See other than sweat nothing else I did! Not yet go to Hello Kitty Town and eat my La Gourmet dessert yet!! I forgot to bring my passport, can't go Bugis Street. Boringgggggggg!

Ohh~ and I'm here to be his maid as well! I help him in cleaning his room, washing his laundry, helped to fold his fam clothes, helped in preparing the veggies or dinner and later on I have to help his mom to mop the floor.

It like a summer or winter break training to be a soon-to-his-mom-daughter-in-law. FML! Tension!!!

My stupid throat is killing me too! OMG~ almost can't speak lucky his mom have this very weird taste disgusting honey, few drop into the throat and now getting better more!!!! (Y) power of the weird disgusting honey!!

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