Friday, January 25, 2013



Stressed read from the back it mean dessert! We have two couple and a non-single fella on Friday doing nothing. So we decided to come to La gourmet for dessert, main ice the mix fruits ice mountain.

Damn big portion! It written 6pax but we have five but can't even finish it!! We only ate half and a little more. Price for the big ice RM35.90 and recommended to 8pax if you're not big eater. Btw La Gourmet only in Johor Bharu. Sorry for KL people, lucky me I have a JB boyfriend hahahahahaha! Don't jelly please. =P <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Owh~ this ice mountain look nice but taste normal, it have mango, longan, kiwi and strawberry. Inside it have black pearl and red bean. Three liquid mixer brown sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk.

The fruits are all soury! I think Except the longan cause longan won't taste sour. Hahah! But I don't know it is sour also cause I don't eat longan.

I prefer those small bowl dessert or ice than this mountain. Me and bfy last week ate their Mango Durian and Green Tea milk ice. Mango Durian really nice, Is a MUST!! The black pearl And red bean is a big NONO!!

They have another mango mountain but not worth cause is empty ice with mango sirup wiped outside and few mango meat and the mixer liquid. Price RM35.90 so not worth.

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