Tuesday, January 1, 2013



A day which started and ended with tiredness tiredness and tiredness!!! Exam, work and a small party with they gangs. But you know what? I countdown-ed in the toilet again! YES IS AGAIN!

Christmas Eve when the clock strike 12am I'm inside the toilet at Clarke Quay, Singapore! Today New Year Eve same time same place toilet again but this time at my house. I was just got home from work and rushing to bath and go to my bro house== half way my mom shout outside the toilet 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

She then added "Ting, you bath for the whole years!? From 2012 till now 2013" zzzz!! My mom a bit too lame I know! Hahahaha by the way my family call me Ting.

Anyway, HAPPY 2013 NEW YEAR! Good year ahead too people who I loved families and friends. Too people who have hard time over the-so-so thingy new year ahead plan what to do well this time don't mess it up again. People who don't have bf gf no worry find one in 2013, nothing to late.

Nights fellows. <3
With LOVE.

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