Thursday, February 28, 2013


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*Sweater ROMP.
*Long Aztec dress from China trip.
*Sandal Vincci.

Casual and comfy.

Went to Pavilion for belated valentine with bfy.
Still with all the Chinese New Year Decoration and celebration feel.
The ceiling of main door.

12s Zodiac

Flowers and Lantern.

Japanese deco, feel the zen-ness.
Near by the Tokyo Street.

While waiting for our dinner we shall take some vain photo!
Vain enough!? LOL!

Guess what restaurant. Love the may those framed photo arranged.

Open answer; Ben's
Their menu really simple and nice.

Some table tips card - One of my favorite;
Would you rather lose all of your Old Memories
Never be able to make New ones?

The logo look familiar right!?
They are under the same big group of Plan B.

Our foods is SERVED! yummmmmmy

Freeze dont-know-what;
Lime + Mango + Mint
Taste not bad, a bit of minty taste.

Soup as appetizer;
Veggies soup
Quite salty but still acceptable with many melon melon veggies.
The toasted french long bread might look a bit too scorchie but it really taste OMG surprising.
The big round stuff on top of the bowl is pan fried CHEESE! YUMMY!

Macaroni and CHEESE for me.
DAMN cheesieeeee~ Love it and full

Chicken breast for Him.
can't comment much ate very small bite but really nice too.
Just gravy too less, bfy keep on complain the chicken meat very dry!

After Dinner, Dessert!
Kindori ice-cream.

We were a bit upset with Kindori!
Durian flavor ice-cream but it is made and took out from freezer.
It not the Kindori fresh made ice-cream.
and doesn't taste nice! Still TongPakFu Durian shaved ice the BEST!

Valentine; Present is a MUST!
Gift from me to bfy.
Cute ribbon and look luxury but sorry all cheap stuff! xD

Bull'sHit T-shirt from DaBull.
Simple yet meaningful words Shirt! LOL~
99s Paper Love.

Him looking at his gift.
Also a Adidas sport tumbler for him. 

Him giggler at all the love with messages. 

He got me a Nike tumbler.
Sorry no cute ribbon or handwritten messages from bfy.
But he did called me on 14Feb2013!!
How sweet! <3
POTD; He look cute and my eyes look big! hahaha
If you curious why my hand on his face!?
Because there're pimples on his cheek so he asked me to cover up for him!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Single V-Day

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My another single V-day.
Went lunch with sis.
Guess where we had our lunch?

Nice and cozy.
The hall way thru the dining table.
So zen-ness and so ATAS right?!

The Japanese alcohol.

Table arrangement.
Still don't know?
It is Sagano Japanese restaurant in Renaissance Hotel.

Me trying out my iPhone Paranormal.

The food!
Super fresh salmon, white maguro and maguro!
OMG! I can eat all of it.
Salmon fresh, I think even you don't eat raw food will eat and like it.
Maguro, believe me the meat won't taste or smell fishy!
White maguro, chewy!
If I got the chance I will go again for sure!
But the cooked food is so NAH NAH. *shake head*
Miso soup is SO SO. *Thumb down*

Maki and Tempura prawn!
Maki really nice and the tempura damn big and prawn fresh too!

Chawanmushi is a must after I had enough of other food.
But their chawanmushi is NO NO!
Even the appearance is BIG NO NO~!

Dessert, Green tea ice-cream nice! the Strawberry also nice, normally I don't eat Strawberry or food made out of strawberry.
The cake are too Sweet and I don't like it.
The mochi is not bouncy and not chewy it like chewing gummy sweet=="

Fruits good for digestion.
Friendly REMINDER;
Only eat fruits 10-15 minutes after meal or 30 minutes will be more secure.

I'm too clever, putting the ice kacang ice onto the fruits so it will chill my fruit before I eat!

Yeah~ they have more food than what me and my sis ate.
Our appetite was a bit too small! hahah

They got not may variety of sushi but
the basic raw meat sushi they have it and maki and California roll.
Many cooked food and soup.
They got Tempure, Sukiyaki, soba, Shoju/miso soup.
More cake, ice-kacang, salad and more.

If you ask me what nice about their food, it will be their Sashimi, sushi and tempura.
Other will be so so.

1st floor of 
Renaissance Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail.
(The hotel located at the corner opposite of Bukit Nanas monorail)

RM70++ / 12pm-3pm
(Per Pax)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Far Away

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Am missing my bfy, he back to JB without me. Kinda weird without his naggy voice and annoying face around.

Anyway, don't you think this picture if him look like some Sesame Street character?! Hahahahah

Good night.


Friday, February 15, 2013


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Okay all about makeup for this post, so sorry boys not for you. For serious I am not a professional in makeup but I still think makeup make me prettier than the naked face. I think every girl think so?! Cause my babe SarahLee also think so!! Hahahahah

So girl whose makeup will always have their really like/love makeup set or dream makeup set. What's yours? My was simple, I hope to have get a basic makeup brushes, 100 colors palette eyes shadow, nude to reddish lipstick and lipgloss, Anna Sui blushes with their big puffy face brush *their accessories always my favorite........hmmmmmmm this is think that's I really want it and I'm still far away from all of them. Was planning to get myself a set of brushes first.

And now there this giveaway! I can win it then I will get it for free. Btw who want it then you must join it and it is really a pretty brush! The "Esential Brush Kit"

You see it Sigma Beauty "Esential Brush Kit" and it come with six colors! The Blush Coral is really my favorite the dark pink really feminine. The Blue Bunny really attracted me the baby blue with pink combination is super cute really suitable for teenager who just started their makeup journey. The Black Bunny and Classy Black is so elegant I think OL or those ATAS people will definitely like it and really sexy don't you think?  The Crazy Purple really nice too! The elegant type of purple and mature color it is. Cool Aqua the ocean color really nice color right!? OMG! The first time I saw the color it remind me of blue sky and big ocean. Natural lover Cool Aqua is definitely your color!

Hey~ GIRLS! Won't you feel like getting them only by looking them? So? Don't wait go for it. Buy it or WIN it. 

It is easy to win all you need is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course Blog!! If you have it all you must go for it and get the chance on winning it. If you don't have it all you can still do it no worry!! Easy LIKE, FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE this is all you need to do. Ohhhh~ya you need to follow via GFC it is Google Friend Connect and share it to public. Put the photo of the giveaway on your blog sidebar with link and lastly blogger full time job, write a post about it. Easy right? So go for it or maybe not so I will have lesser people grab my winning chances away!!

Hahahahah! Am kidding here so go and have the winning chances together. Sharing is Caring.



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Yesterday 初四 -4th day of CNY

Whole day stay home waiting for Reno to come back from Ipoh for dinner and go meet up with friends.

It was greatest fun losing gamble ever. At least we are playing and joking with each other and not arguing for the lose money. And hardly we can get so many people to gather along. It was the craziest night ever after so long.

初五 - 5th day of CNY

Gambling started, maybe only me who started so late some people definitely started before CNY. I'm not the gamble person so I don't really gamble for money but gamble for fun just to have CNY mood.

Today was a lucky day I won at gambling just now. Went movie with my buddies. Reno who came back few days from Singapore and going back tomorrow. Steffy came back a month but we just meet today! And she going back Taiwan next week!!! Hope she can at least stay till we have our Notti Fam reunion dinner.

Really a happy day and LOVE CNY a festival which we can have more time with family and friends.

Almost forget, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY to every couple and single ladies and gentlemen. Flower and chocolate we just never have faith with each other. Same there's always problem happen on my valentine. Anyway, everything end and yeah at least someone learn his lesson and hope he really does.

Baby bfy~ Happy single-a-day Valentine.
Love you. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">