Saturday, February 2, 2013


Bad mood!

Damn moodless!! Feel like reporting the police!! You're so over limite young man!! Argh!!! You're so lucky I'm not your mom! I will confirm slap your face till become 面包超人 face!!!!!

Easing my anger away with starfruits and mask!! The mask is a bit failure! Not fitting my face too small and it suppose can be hang the side to our ears but too short! OMG~ failure #1

Can't cover my nose and mouth properly! Still can see big part which didnt cover by mask. Failure #2

The nose part too small and not really sticking to my nose!! Need me to keep on pressing down. Failure #3

But at least it cooling me down. Chilling~ hahahaha.

Don't throw my mood away! I still have to go party later at Cheras for Beer Factory Replacement party!!! FREE FLOW 6houra baby!!! Meet whoever going later. Bye!

Waiting for my babe to come fetch me<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-her="" data-blogger-escaped-love="" data-blogger-escaped-muacks="">

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