Thursday, February 28, 2013



*Sweater ROMP.
*Long Aztec dress from China trip.
*Sandal Vincci.

Casual and comfy.

Went to Pavilion for belated valentine with bfy.
Still with all the Chinese New Year Decoration and celebration feel.
The ceiling of main door.

12s Zodiac

Flowers and Lantern.

Japanese deco, feel the zen-ness.
Near by the Tokyo Street.

While waiting for our dinner we shall take some vain photo!
Vain enough!? LOL!

Guess what restaurant. Love the may those framed photo arranged.

Open answer; Ben's
Their menu really simple and nice.

Some table tips card - One of my favorite;
Would you rather lose all of your Old Memories
Never be able to make New ones?

The logo look familiar right!?
They are under the same big group of Plan B.

Our foods is SERVED! yummmmmmy

Freeze dont-know-what;
Lime + Mango + Mint
Taste not bad, a bit of minty taste.

Soup as appetizer;
Veggies soup
Quite salty but still acceptable with many melon melon veggies.
The toasted french long bread might look a bit too scorchie but it really taste OMG surprising.
The big round stuff on top of the bowl is pan fried CHEESE! YUMMY!

Macaroni and CHEESE for me.
DAMN cheesieeeee~ Love it and full

Chicken breast for Him.
can't comment much ate very small bite but really nice too.
Just gravy too less, bfy keep on complain the chicken meat very dry!

After Dinner, Dessert!
Kindori ice-cream.

We were a bit upset with Kindori!
Durian flavor ice-cream but it is made and took out from freezer.
It not the Kindori fresh made ice-cream.
and doesn't taste nice! Still TongPakFu Durian shaved ice the BEST!

Valentine; Present is a MUST!
Gift from me to bfy.
Cute ribbon and look luxury but sorry all cheap stuff! xD

Bull'sHit T-shirt from DaBull.
Simple yet meaningful words Shirt! LOL~
99s Paper Love.

Him looking at his gift.
Also a Adidas sport tumbler for him. 

Him giggler at all the love with messages. 

He got me a Nike tumbler.
Sorry no cute ribbon or handwritten messages from bfy.
But he did called me on 14Feb2013!!
How sweet! <3
POTD; He look cute and my eyes look big! hahaha
If you curious why my hand on his face!?
Because there're pimples on his cheek so he asked me to cover up for him!

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