Tuesday, February 12, 2013



大年初二(second day of CNY) is 回娘家(day return of wife to her parental home) So is the day my mom go back to 婆婆 house.

Nothing much to do, going back hometown is getting more and more boring for us. Time passed, we all grown older and we getting more and more and more bored at PoPo house. Although we are quite close with our cousin when we are young, thing change when everyone grown older. We are still close but we don't play much like last time and we don't talk much like last time too.

Anyway, go back to PoPo house is like going back home. We use to go PoPo house every week last time but after dad and mom busy with work no more. We also will stay overnight at popo house on CNY but now all grown up no more enough room for all of us.

PoPo look thinner and her sick doesn't look better. Wishing PoPo can stay long with us.

After dinner, as usual we go over dad old buddies house. Is a must on CNY to 拜年with those uncles. We never miss a year except the year grandpa pass away.

Tonight dad look happy and even drink beer with uncles. Probably cause this year more old buddies gather together. Dad look happy with them at least happier than facing the "real uncle".

Really tiring and hot all day long. Lucky we have out iGadget with us. The network 3G at hometown really OMG can't use. ==


*Fblock ribbon Knitted Sweater top.
*Polka dot mini skirt from HK.
*Wedges/heels Vincci.
*Pouch Vincci Accessories.

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