Thursday, February 7, 2013



Is another year where Chinese New Year and Valentine stick together. This what I call chin-Lentine and so pity when you have a bf who home is far away!!! OMG!

My bfy is at Johor and Valentine is the 5th day of CNY. My bfy birthday is on the 16Feb which is the 7th day of CNY! Double the chaos now. Valentine and his birthday without me beside him. He is so sad! Anyway I believe his gang of buddies will celebrate with him. Not that lonely. =(

This year really not a good year for me, Super poor CNY this year. New clothes shoe bag are not even half of last years harvest. *cry hard*

Baby boy too! Our last years was WAO! and is the double or maybe triple of this years shopping. Pity us! Poor! Last year we didn't celebrated Valentine and his birthday properly cause some bitches gave us problem. This year CNY make us can't celebrate together. So sad!!

Baby boy miss for sure cause no one play with him! Hahahahahaha

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