Friday, February 15, 2013



Okay all about makeup for this post, so sorry boys not for you. For serious I am not a professional in makeup but I still think makeup make me prettier than the naked face. I think every girl think so?! Cause my babe SarahLee also think so!! Hahahahah

So girl whose makeup will always have their really like/love makeup set or dream makeup set. What's yours? My was simple, I hope to have get a basic makeup brushes, 100 colors palette eyes shadow, nude to reddish lipstick and lipgloss, Anna Sui blushes with their big puffy face brush *their accessories always my favorite........hmmmmmmm this is think that's I really want it and I'm still far away from all of them. Was planning to get myself a set of brushes first.

And now there this giveaway! I can win it then I will get it for free. Btw who want it then you must join it and it is really a pretty brush! The "Esential Brush Kit"

You see it Sigma Beauty "Esential Brush Kit" and it come with six colors! The Blush Coral is really my favorite the dark pink really feminine. The Blue Bunny really attracted me the baby blue with pink combination is super cute really suitable for teenager who just started their makeup journey. The Black Bunny and Classy Black is so elegant I think OL or those ATAS people will definitely like it and really sexy don't you think?  The Crazy Purple really nice too! The elegant type of purple and mature color it is. Cool Aqua the ocean color really nice color right!? OMG! The first time I saw the color it remind me of blue sky and big ocean. Natural lover Cool Aqua is definitely your color!

Hey~ GIRLS! Won't you feel like getting them only by looking them? So? Don't wait go for it. Buy it or WIN it. 

It is easy to win all you need is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course Blog!! If you have it all you must go for it and get the chance on winning it. If you don't have it all you can still do it no worry!! Easy LIKE, FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE this is all you need to do. Ohhhh~ya you need to follow via GFC it is Google Friend Connect and share it to public. Put the photo of the giveaway on your blog sidebar with link and lastly blogger full time job, write a post about it. Easy right? So go for it or maybe not so I will have lesser people grab my winning chances away!!

Hahahahah! Am kidding here so go and have the winning chances together. Sharing is Caring.

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