Friday, February 15, 2013



Yesterday 初四 -4th day of CNY

Whole day stay home waiting for Reno to come back from Ipoh for dinner and go meet up with friends.

It was greatest fun losing gamble ever. At least we are playing and joking with each other and not arguing for the lose money. And hardly we can get so many people to gather along. It was the craziest night ever after so long.

初五 - 5th day of CNY

Gambling started, maybe only me who started so late some people definitely started before CNY. I'm not the gamble person so I don't really gamble for money but gamble for fun just to have CNY mood.

Today was a lucky day I won at gambling just now. Went movie with my buddies. Reno who came back few days from Singapore and going back tomorrow. Steffy came back a month but we just meet today! And she going back Taiwan next week!!! Hope she can at least stay till we have our Notti Fam reunion dinner.

Really a happy day and LOVE CNY a festival which we can have more time with family and friends.

Almost forget, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY to every couple and single ladies and gentlemen. Flower and chocolate we just never have faith with each other. Same there's always problem happen on my valentine. Anyway, everything end and yeah at least someone learn his lesson and hope he really does.

Baby bfy~ Happy single-a-day Valentine.
Love you. <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

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