Sunday, February 10, 2013



Trouble or problem never stop coming toward. The only way to stop it is find a solution but there's never a solution for problem that's why people always having gazillions of problems.

Anyway, is officially the Snake year. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and happy holidays.

Know what? When you're growing up Chinese New Year doesn't mean much to you anymore. It will just getting more and more and more boring.

When you're young you will be really excited of CNY probably can't sleep for the whole night just because tomorrow is nian-chu-yi (年初一)or excited of the angpao and firecracker. When you grown older to teenage period you will not so excited but was only aiming for the angpao and how many money they put in and gambling to win extra money. When you got older and become an adult angpao doesn't effect your mood on CNY and it will become a gathering with family, relative and friends. So see how boring thing can be. And the older you are the shorter your CNY will be.

Chinese New Year really kinda boring., when everyone went back to hometown and only you and few fellas at KL and have no idea what can you do and rotting at home.

Angpao is just a tradition for me the money is not that important anymore. Firecracker not attracting me too maybe yes if I'm really extremely boring. The only thing I like about CNY is I got good excuse to buy new clothes and my parent won't complaint many about how much shoes I have bought!! Hahahaha

Owh~~ and the snack! Those snack is so freaking tempting okay!! Believe me, I can't really finish up all you snack!

Night boring Chinese New Year.

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