Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Single V-Day

My another single V-day.
Went lunch with sis.
Guess where we had our lunch?

Nice and cozy.
The hall way thru the dining table.
So zen-ness and so ATAS right?!

The Japanese alcohol.

Table arrangement.
Still don't know?
It is Sagano Japanese restaurant in Renaissance Hotel.

Me trying out my iPhone Paranormal.

The food!
Super fresh salmon, white maguro and maguro!
OMG! I can eat all of it.
Salmon fresh, I think even you don't eat raw food will eat and like it.
Maguro, believe me the meat won't taste or smell fishy!
White maguro, chewy!
If I got the chance I will go again for sure!
But the cooked food is so NAH NAH. *shake head*
Miso soup is SO SO. *Thumb down*

Maki and Tempura prawn!
Maki really nice and the tempura damn big and prawn fresh too!

Chawanmushi is a must after I had enough of other food.
But their chawanmushi is NO NO!
Even the appearance is BIG NO NO~!

Dessert, Green tea ice-cream nice! the Strawberry also nice, normally I don't eat Strawberry or food made out of strawberry.
The cake are too Sweet and I don't like it.
The mochi is not bouncy and not chewy it like chewing gummy sweet=="

Fruits good for digestion.
Friendly REMINDER;
Only eat fruits 10-15 minutes after meal or 30 minutes will be more secure.

I'm too clever, putting the ice kacang ice onto the fruits so it will chill my fruit before I eat!

Yeah~ they have more food than what me and my sis ate.
Our appetite was a bit too small! hahah

They got not may variety of sushi but
the basic raw meat sushi they have it and maki and California roll.
Many cooked food and soup.
They got Tempure, Sukiyaki, soba, Shoju/miso soup.
More cake, ice-kacang, salad and more.

If you ask me what nice about their food, it will be their Sashimi, sushi and tempura.
Other will be so so.

1st floor of 
Renaissance Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail.
(The hotel located at the corner opposite of Bukit Nanas monorail)

RM70++ / 12pm-3pm
(Per Pax)

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