Monday, February 11, 2013



Officially the year of snake.

Yesterday reunion dinner was nice and super full!! Thanks mom and dad who gave use so much good nice thing.

Today first day of CNY, as usual back hometown. And as usual we were late, by right we suppose to reach before breakfast but we reach after lunch! LOL~ My 3rd or 4th grandaunt said when we reached "Go go go~ go eat your................" Even she can't tell us what meal we are taking, should we call it lunch? But already 4+++pm. Dinner? Is a bit too early.

As usual relative house = boring. The only thing they will ask is "Still studying or working?" Or "What are you working now" after you replied "ohh~ how what the job?" And the conversation will start endless and every year will be the same till you get married.

The only thing I like going there is they have all-you-can-eat of snacks and drinks. And of course the amount of angpao we get from there. My grandma have 10siblings, all sibling have at least two children and their children have kids too. So imagine how big the family tree is, how crowded is the house and how many angpao I can get.

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