Saturday, March 30, 2013

Same Place Same People

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Same place same people, the boring 4 (Me, Lili, Keith & Albert). Is always us go yumcha(chilling without alcohol) till late night. Same place, Kuchai Lama Food Talk a place where you can eat can drink and got many board game to play with even mahjong too. That's why we always choose to come here. The environment not bad too.

This drink in tube call "Tester" Albert ordered just to test what it is and it taste like sirup to me. NOT NICE too sweet and after awhile it will not be cold, you have to finish it up fast or it will taste more worse.

Today we play new game from HongKong Heart Attack sorry for those who can't read Chinese  Btw it is HongKong Cantonese Chinese words, so it make it more hard to read. I can read a bit not much, Im half banana! hahahha But I don't speak English. Is really fun, the original game is like snap, the last to snap you have to follow what the card say. But we changed it into Big D poker game, the loser have to pick one card that left on his/her hand and do what it say. SUPER nice! 
The cards contain three types of punishment which is Dare, Truth and flexible. You have to be dare to do, the card contain punishment like kiss and hug with the second loser or keep on UN(Un is Cantonese in English mean shaking) your whole body till the next round end. There're more, like truth mean many type of question and you have to answer it without lying. Example question like; which celebrity will you choose to have sex with or which player you admired the most or when having sex do you prefer condom or ask the winner a question(Don't think you won you won't get the punishment). Flexible is like, once you picked the card you have to react ASAP not only the loser have to do it, is all the player have to do, the last to do lose and there will be another punishment on the card. They got like hug someone, stick your face with someone and more.

Really is a excited game! Will play again for sure.

This is one of the punishment on the card!==" It is me disfigure myself and let the winner to take a photo to post on their Facebook. I actually picked the card, kiss the second winner which is Keith! Hello how can I kiss him right? I have bf please, I respect my bf so am NOT kissing a boy even my bf is not there. So I forced them to allow me to pick another card and I got this.=_________= Okay start laughing! ha ha ha ha ==

This was last week or last last week, couldn't remember when it is. Same us and same place but, different game. That time we went there for dinner, My "Black & White Chicken Chop". Quite nice, the white sauce really nice the black one is so so meh meh. Their Tomatoes + Prune juice or Tomatoes + Orange juice NOT so nice cause I can't taste any TOMATO juice only prune or orange juice.

That time we play "Blokus Tringo", is some sort of technique board game which every player will have the exact same amount and same shape block the triangle plastic. You have to place you color pointy part to thee pointy part together only counted. The more you put the more chance for you to win, the loser will be the one with most more block on hand, they don't count by pieces you have, they count the triangle in every pieces. Really nice and it really use many brain power! You get what I mean, LOL!

LiLi and Albert are tired of thinking so we change another game, "Color TicTacToc" every one have own colors and have their chips, the only thing you do is slide out your chip into the hole and make a strike to win. Your chip can tap on people chip as long it is the hole. Easy and fast game, cause you just slide and you will get one. LOL! I not so into it, still prefer "Blokus" and "HongKong Heart Attack".

This is all, Good Friday and Good Night.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Every Inch Count

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Im a soon-to-be an official worker(Multimedia Designer) of Asia Media. Asia Media a media provider, transit TV company. It is the "Largest Transit-TV Network" in Malaysia which awarded by The Malaysia Book of Record.

Okay if any of you starting to curious why am I a multimedia students/people but my blog layout/design look so SUCK. It is because I'm a bit lazy to reconstructing it and coding or website is not my major!!! I wanted to find someone to make it nice for me but Im too POOR to pay=________=. Okay~ Start laughing if you want.

Im gonna start working next month as a full-timer in their HQ which is really near my house. Awww~ no more lazy life no more party night no more slumber life. Starting to fight for future! Fight for my Muay Thai classes fee! Fight for Fitness center member fee! Fight for my wishlist! Fight for my very own car and house! and of course FIGHT for VACATION!

Oh ya, Im graduate from Advance Diploma. Ermmmm~ consider graduate?==" I still left one subject to retake then wait for my degree. I don't like study or theory or paper works, I like outdoor, interactive and production works. That's why I took this courses, but who know they want me to take Entrepreneurship. They think we are gonna build our own company!? If I really gonna build or I can effort to build one why don't I just pay someone to help me do! This subject make me SICK! Hope I can really finally shout GRADUATE on end of September.

been work as a part-timer, promoter, freelancer, brand ambassador, sales agent or what-so-ever it is since 14years old till now I will still continue doing freelance on weekend or night whenever Im not working, no one dislike money right. Will be interviewing for another night job this weekend, hope I really get the job. They provided many stuff and salary are pretty good. 

So my latest plan on April is work as full-timer at Asia Media and freelancer at night and weekend. My babe are planning to open an online store soon and Im gonna join them. It can be my side income I don't mind getting extra saving. Till I got enough saving I might rent a room outside and move out of my house not to burden my family.

It is not easy that's why my bf are doing the same to come over KL to take care me, if he can. Anyway it is a big sacrifices for me or my bf, if he came here live with me he have to abandon his family at Jb. If I leave my family and go with him to JB it will look bad for me and I don't feel like staying so far away from my family. We have to much to plan, as you all know we are in long distance relation. It is hard to maintain our relation yet we are planing out married future life. 

This is what we call, Planning big to success BIG! 
I can't see how my future will be, I will still follow the flow.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dealmates?! Yes or Not?

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Yes, Dealmates or not!? This is a question.
What is Dealmates?
Okay go into the link i linked to the first Dealmates words, just click and you are in.

It is a discount or deal-ful website which something like Groupon.
Website which sell various stuff with good prices.
back to my topic.

If you ask me will I purchase from them for second time,
I will tell you NO! definitely a BIG NO!!

Okay, I bought one of their deal, H&M color cotton legging.
 This is the picture, the packaging and colors available.
I bought Army Green, Blue and Rose Pink.
I know can't expect to have superb goods.

I never thought it will be this worst!

I thought it is at least a mimic of H&M.
Even a fake one or cheap brand will have a brand label or what shit,
those i receive have no label and look like PASAR MALAM stock!

SUPER thin cotton too.
but lucky the cotton not rough.
The legging is not packed nicely or folded nicely also.
It is like rubbish and cramped into the Skynet parcel bag.
the legging are full of wrinkles! 

Enlarge the picture to see clearer okay.

It is a certificate which after you purchased from them. It like a code and date when you bought and when you will receive your goods. I purchased on 9 December 2012. As stated, I will get it around 2 weeks, so I waited patiently. Around 3 weeks later I asked and emailed them none was replied only the auto mailing email I receive!

After long waiting, they sent me an email said, The stock are delayed by the factory or the merchandise. They said they need few more weeks to process it.

I gave them times again. but this time it take me MONTHS! It is February and I didn't receive yet. I emailed them again same situation NO REPLY! This time more worst, they never reply any of my email other than those stupid auto messages, annoying newsletter and email. Their newsletter come every few hours or minutes is really ANNOYING!

Until few day ago, I receive their newsletter; about they have new feature,which we can live chat with their staff. So I go and try my lucky to get connected with them! And yes live chat really works, he/she said they will send it out by the next day. FINALLY! I got it by this morning! It take 3 months NO! Is FOUR MONTHS to get my leggings!

Is this the kind of services you guys giving us? Is really BAD SERVICE! If you want me to rank you Dealmates it will be 1 marks! The one marks is for your live chat which really works. You can keep on updates your newsletter but can't even reply any of my emails.

But sorry you just lost another customer! That's me!

Okay this is what me and the staff conversation;
DealMates Customer Service 16:35:
Hi! This is your friendly Dealmates Care. How can I help you?
caroline ting 16:35:
i haven got my H&M legging! It been months! and I already sent many email about this matter but non was giving me a good explanation about the legging.!
DealMates Customer Service 16:35:
Please provide me with your certificate number?
caroline ting 16:37:
DealMates Customer Service 16:39:
may i know which colour that you havent receive?
caroline ting 16:39:
caroline ting 16:39:
DealMates Customer Service 16:42:
is this your address Shipping Address: no36, jalan wawasan 2/9, pusat bandar puchong puchong Selangor 47100?
DealMates Customer Service 16:45:
I will parcel out your item today bu skynet
caroline ting 16:49:
yes my address
caroline ting 16:50:

The live chat staff should be more nice and polite and say thank you to your customer after all the conversation. Additional, the staff should also ask; "if there any other problem want to add or say something like hope we serve and solve your problem, please shop again at Dealmates." Maybe something else similar, at least I will still feel like going back and shop at Dealmate again!

And I found out in forum that I'm not the only customer who really fed up with their services. They Facebook DealMates have already disable people to post on their wall, probably to prevent people to complaint on their wall. Disabling the posting on wall won't change the fact about your inefficiency services! People still can comment on your posts.

Forum about the complaint, Just click in and read by yourself;

So do you still want to try their service? Or purchase from them? Yes or no!? If Dealmates don't change their inefficiency and service your freaking company are going DOWN!!!! NO more from Dealmates for me.

I'm just sharing my experience with them. Please becareful when purchasing online, check review on internet first.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Miss partying with my bfy.
When are you coming KL.

Distance our enemy.
Who say can't party with bf?
Feel more comfortable and safer,
when your bf around when partying.

See bf massages after party wearing high heels!!
Good bf ever. <3


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Baby Valentine's gift from me this year is a T-shirt.
Our matchy shirt! from Dabull.
In red, our Favorite Color.
Me in DaBull Red Bull'sHit shirt. 

Us wearing same!

The Shirt material is soft cotton.
They have it in black too.
Price for one shirt is RM39.
Two same color shirt RM75.
If you but a black and a red will be RM68.

Worth to buy material not bad, not thin fabric.
Dabull are a bunch of College mate who start their own fashion business. 

Interested on their shirt?
Go to their Facebook : DabullFashion

Will the shirt change shape after washed few times?
hmmm~~ not sure yet cause me and bfy wore it for twice only.
so washed for three times only it still haven change any shape yet.

Will the color fade of when wash?
We tried wash it with hand and the color does come out a bit
but the color of the shirt doesn't effected.
We also soaked the shirt before we really wash it,
the color come out too.

Then we also tried throw it into washing machine with
other light and white color clothes
but non of the light color clothes was dyed by the shirt.

So we think it just the cotton very very very tiny thread came out 
and look like the color dye came out. LOL!

How their service, since they are just students?
For serious! Don't look down to students or teenagers
Because they are still young they now are earning their respect.
One of the respect they earned are from me and my bfy.

They have good services,
even I asked so many question and keep on annoyed them.

How we get out shirt? and how to pay?
I got my shirt by COD and I pay on COD.
They do posting too.

They COD at Setapak area.
Maybe other area too but you have to ask them.

The red one cutting are slightly small than the black one.
Mean if you're size L you have take a size M.
size M take size S, get it?

The black I took S size, Im 155cm, 50kg girl=="
Don't laugh, I know Im short and fat!
My bfy took a L and we both fit it right.

Anything else to ask go ask them. =P
Night~ fellows

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Heart Melting

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A very random post!
This post is belong to HER, so it will be only HER in here.

Hahaah~ I edited, cute right!?
Fyi the hand which pinching her is not me! Is my bf.
And this is a Baby girl not a boy!
Baby have high curiosity, this is why they like television.

Bfy hugging her so she won't get lost in the house! LOL~

Btw all the photo was sent by my bf I didn't capture any of it.
Her name is XuanXuan.
She is not my baby! neither my bf.
She belong to bf mom friend, they always let bf mom take care of her.

If you curious about why is she holding the plastic bag,
Is because bf house don't have baby toy so they gave her a plastic bag as her play toy.

Did she melted your heart yet!?
CUTE and Chubby!

Television attracted her again.

Bf said she keep on pull bf hairy leg hairs. LOL

After bath, is time to nap again~

Pretend to cry, cause no choco for her.

Trying hard!

Awwww~~ Sleepy

LOL~ Got interested to own reflection.

Oh my GAD~ Don't you feel she cute?
Don't you feel like hugging her?!
She really fat, cute and chubby! 
The first time I saw her really feel like hugging her!
She will not cry and make noise.
Even you pinch her she won't cry.
She can sleep for the whole day!
Even just woke up for 1 or 2 hours she can still sleep back.

She make feel like having one baby! hahahah

This is my favorite photo of all!
Omg so cuteeeeee!
Ang gu gu~


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Trip

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A very random trip with my bfy to Gold Coast Morib Resort.
I bought the voucher from some random Facebook friend.
It cost us RM170 for 1 day 1 night with water park entrance.

When antique mean electric(Lobby).

We reach there at 3pm sharp, on time to check-in.

The reception; six receptionists but only two counter and one senior.
Me and my bfy waited for almost one hour to get our hand on our room key.

Most of their staff are trainee.

See how impatient look he is.

Me waiting for our room to be clean up.
We got our key but not our room!
When we open the door everything is messy and dirty.
The Jacuzzi tub is full of sand and dirt.
It take us another 1hour for our room=="

This is not the view from our room,
our room view is facing to those not so comfortable jungle!!!!

They gave us two single bed room,
we requested to change to a those queen bed room but no more room.
So we just have to combine the bed.

Don't expect to watch Astro at there.
They don't have Astro channel, only local channel available.
But lucky they have around four to five vision four channel.

Got our room! Ready to go water park.

Waterproof wristband

After water park!
No photo while playing water! LOL

The best part of the resort is they have Jacuzzi in every room!
I forgot to take picture of the bubble tub I made for myself!
Was overly excited with the bubble tub till i forgotten to snap a picture!

You can watch TV while relaxing in your Jacuzzi bubble tub!

After bath went out for a walk, the beach not nice.
The Pier is the resort pub, the whole night I only saw 2-3tables people.
The environment so so only.

We went out of the resort to find dinner but not much to choose.
5minutes out of the resort there a seafood restaurant but we didn't eat there.

So we decided to go further see whether there any restaurant.
After we drive for 30minute nothing to eat!
Most of the shop close or only Malay stall open.
So we went into Pantai Morib, there have more choices but all Malays food.

Their food not bad, we even bought supper back.
Tofu bakar and Sotong bakar!
Yummy~ Really nice! It cost us RM15
Enough for two.

The next day, Is time to check-out.
Is still early for us to go home!

The view of the water park.
They have quite many water slide.
They have buoy to rent, Rm10 for the rental fee and Rm10 as deposit.

We are Poser, we KNOW it! ahahaha

Panaroma view.

It really time to go,

Heading to Malacca, the sun is bright and HOT!
Even guy can't bare the hot.

We take turn to drive, is tiring to drive the whole journey alone.
His so-called COMFORTABLE way to sleep.

We reach our destination!
Klebang famous original coconut shake!
Really nice and suitable for the extremly HOT weather.
Coconut Shake Special, RM2.20
Take away, Rm2.50
Special have additional one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
We even take away!
Am so missing the shake now!
We ordered Coconut shake regular but
they gave us Special and we already pay for the price of Regular! LOL
Coconut Shake Regular, Rm1.70
Take away, Rm2

The menu in Malay and Chinese.
Other than the coconut shake you must try their Nasi Lemak!
Really nice, and really spicy.

End of out trip.

If you're a swimmer or you like to play water than Gold Coast Morib you will like it. Go with friends or family also can. Their service not good enough, while we are waiting for our key and room to be cleaned up we saw many complaint from other customers. We even saw the Asst. Manager arguing with one of the couple customer. As a hotel manager how the customer wrong you shouldn't argue or fight with the customer. The room should be cleaned up before the customer got their key.

I saw review saying that the toilet have some smelly smell, but our room the whole night we didn't smell any disgusting smell other than the sea smell. When the wind blow you will smell some rubbish or shit kinda smell but it won't last no worry.

We didn't eat at the Resort, i read many review saying not worth and not nice. So idk how the restaurant in the resort is.

The worth to go Gold Coast Morib is their water park and the room Jacuzzi! Please buy whatever you want before going, they have shop selling stuff you can get it from 7Eleven but more expensive. Like Rm3 for a maggie cup or RM3 for a pack of chips.

For me if stay one night is enough, if more it will be boring.