Friday, March 22, 2013


Brain or Books?

21st March 2013 - SPM result
LOL~ I'm not 18years old! So is non of my business.

My bfy youngest brother got his result guess what!?
He got all A+ and one B+! He cried, but not because good result is because he got a B+!
I was like WTF! Damn good result but crying because a B+!
Then I should have jump out from KLCC few years back!

Anyway, congratulation for the good result Bfy bro.
An advice from future-sis-in-law or senior;

SPM result is nothing but just a pieces of paper with grades which help you to get into the uni or colleges.
So don't mind the B+, with those kind of result you still can go to the uni you want and get to go for the medical school you want.

Live with brain not with books.
How high grade you have, never help you save a life,
it only proof that you're a qualify Doctor in the future.

For those who have bad result no worry!
I got bad result too and I'm not crying.
I got into college and gonna graduate soon and I have a job too.

Still live with brain not with books.
People who follow books is nerd,
people who make use of their books to success is genius!

See Steve Job!
See Mark Zuckerberg!
Einstein, his teacher labelled him slowly and mentally handicap!
Abraham Lincoln, read Blackstone on his own to become a lawyer!
Charles Culpeper, owner and CEO of Coca Cola. Dropped out of high school!
Walt Disney, founder of the Walt Disney Company. Dropped out of high school at 16!

But people who still studying please I'm no encouraging you guys to stop study, but telling you to make use of your studies and success. LOL!

Please LA.... Don't dropped out of school or colleges because what I said, then your parents will come for me due to brainwashed their child!
So please continue your studies!
mehhh~ =__________=||

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