Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Baby Valentine's gift from me this year is a T-shirt.
Our matchy shirt! from Dabull.
In red, our Favorite Color.
Me in DaBull Red Bull'sHit shirt. 

Us wearing same!

The Shirt material is soft cotton.
They have it in black too.
Price for one shirt is RM39.
Two same color shirt RM75.
If you but a black and a red will be RM68.

Worth to buy material not bad, not thin fabric.
Dabull are a bunch of College mate who start their own fashion business. 

Interested on their shirt?
Go to their Facebook : DabullFashion

Will the shirt change shape after washed few times?
hmmm~~ not sure yet cause me and bfy wore it for twice only.
so washed for three times only it still haven change any shape yet.

Will the color fade of when wash?
We tried wash it with hand and the color does come out a bit
but the color of the shirt doesn't effected.
We also soaked the shirt before we really wash it,
the color come out too.

Then we also tried throw it into washing machine with
other light and white color clothes
but non of the light color clothes was dyed by the shirt.

So we think it just the cotton very very very tiny thread came out 
and look like the color dye came out. LOL!

How their service, since they are just students?
For serious! Don't look down to students or teenagers
Because they are still young they now are earning their respect.
One of the respect they earned are from me and my bfy.

They have good services,
even I asked so many question and keep on annoyed them.

How we get out shirt? and how to pay?
I got my shirt by COD and I pay on COD.
They do posting too.

They COD at Setapak area.
Maybe other area too but you have to ask them.

The red one cutting are slightly small than the black one.
Mean if you're size L you have take a size M.
size M take size S, get it?

The black I took S size, Im 155cm, 50kg girl=="
Don't laugh, I know Im short and fat!
My bfy took a L and we both fit it right.

Anything else to ask go ask them. =P
Night~ fellows

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