Sunday, March 3, 2013



Man; I Love You
Woman; I Love You too

It might be just a little game we're playing with the god.
A short sentence by two person with 3 words 8 alphabets can be sweet and can be saddest sentence in this words.

For me this sentence gave me more than what I expected and give him a big lesson in his whole life. Both of us learn many from this sentence.
Two years ago we're too young to understand what does this sentence really mean, we thought sticking together are Love.
But the thing we don't know is; Love = commitment.

We had separated for one year and we learn from the pass then got back together now after one year.
We realize our commitment are still there for each other.
So let have a look at our immature photo and now more serious-future-thinker photo.

Left; Picture we took together on our real very first date as couple at Pavilion.
Right; After one year we got back together in Singapore.

And it is on Christmas, know what people say Christmas day is a Magic day.
Left; 25 December 2011 - Ice-cream on Christmas.
Right; 25 December 2012 - Still Ice-cream on Christmas.

Left; 25 December 2011 - The same glutton face on Christmas.
Right; 25 December 2011 - Same old face.

Left; 2011 thinner.
Right; 2013 FATTER!=  ="

We still take stupid faces photo. We still ruin each other image and this is why we still sticking together after long separate.

Him; Grown older, mature and think of future but still gamer.

Us; Think and plan our future together again. 

One of my favorite photo of us.
My Forever Valentine; He promised me to give me a better future.
And I believed him that's why we are together.

Promise not to argue or angry for too long.
Promise not to mention the two words start with B end with P.
Promise never gave each other wait.
Promise to give me a better future.
Promise no more mistake.
Promise no secret.
Promise although apart but still connected.
Promise to say imy & ily whenever we really do.

We don't know how long can we stay together but we try our best to reach the end together.

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