Thursday, March 28, 2013


Dealmates?! Yes or Not?

Yes, Dealmates or not!? This is a question.
What is Dealmates?
Okay go into the link i linked to the first Dealmates words, just click and you are in.

It is a discount or deal-ful website which something like Groupon.
Website which sell various stuff with good prices.
back to my topic.

If you ask me will I purchase from them for second time,
I will tell you NO! definitely a BIG NO!!

Okay, I bought one of their deal, H&M color cotton legging.
 This is the picture, the packaging and colors available.
I bought Army Green, Blue and Rose Pink.
I know can't expect to have superb goods.

I never thought it will be this worst!

I thought it is at least a mimic of H&M.
Even a fake one or cheap brand will have a brand label or what shit,
those i receive have no label and look like PASAR MALAM stock!

SUPER thin cotton too.
but lucky the cotton not rough.
The legging is not packed nicely or folded nicely also.
It is like rubbish and cramped into the Skynet parcel bag.
the legging are full of wrinkles! 

Enlarge the picture to see clearer okay.

It is a certificate which after you purchased from them. It like a code and date when you bought and when you will receive your goods. I purchased on 9 December 2012. As stated, I will get it around 2 weeks, so I waited patiently. Around 3 weeks later I asked and emailed them none was replied only the auto mailing email I receive!

After long waiting, they sent me an email said, The stock are delayed by the factory or the merchandise. They said they need few more weeks to process it.

I gave them times again. but this time it take me MONTHS! It is February and I didn't receive yet. I emailed them again same situation NO REPLY! This time more worst, they never reply any of my email other than those stupid auto messages, annoying newsletter and email. Their newsletter come every few hours or minutes is really ANNOYING!

Until few day ago, I receive their newsletter; about they have new feature,which we can live chat with their staff. So I go and try my lucky to get connected with them! And yes live chat really works, he/she said they will send it out by the next day. FINALLY! I got it by this morning! It take 3 months NO! Is FOUR MONTHS to get my leggings!

Is this the kind of services you guys giving us? Is really BAD SERVICE! If you want me to rank you Dealmates it will be 1 marks! The one marks is for your live chat which really works. You can keep on updates your newsletter but can't even reply any of my emails.

But sorry you just lost another customer! That's me!

Okay this is what me and the staff conversation;
DealMates Customer Service 16:35:
Hi! This is your friendly Dealmates Care. How can I help you?
caroline ting 16:35:
i haven got my H&M legging! It been months! and I already sent many email about this matter but non was giving me a good explanation about the legging.!
DealMates Customer Service 16:35:
Please provide me with your certificate number?
caroline ting 16:37:
DealMates Customer Service 16:39:
may i know which colour that you havent receive?
caroline ting 16:39:
caroline ting 16:39:
DealMates Customer Service 16:42:
is this your address Shipping Address: no36, jalan wawasan 2/9, pusat bandar puchong puchong Selangor 47100?
DealMates Customer Service 16:45:
I will parcel out your item today bu skynet
caroline ting 16:49:
yes my address
caroline ting 16:50:

The live chat staff should be more nice and polite and say thank you to your customer after all the conversation. Additional, the staff should also ask; "if there any other problem want to add or say something like hope we serve and solve your problem, please shop again at Dealmates." Maybe something else similar, at least I will still feel like going back and shop at Dealmate again!

And I found out in forum that I'm not the only customer who really fed up with their services. They Facebook DealMates have already disable people to post on their wall, probably to prevent people to complaint on their wall. Disabling the posting on wall won't change the fact about your inefficiency services! People still can comment on your posts.

Forum about the complaint, Just click in and read by yourself;

So do you still want to try their service? Or purchase from them? Yes or no!? If Dealmates don't change their inefficiency and service your freaking company are going DOWN!!!! NO more from Dealmates for me.

I'm just sharing my experience with them. Please becareful when purchasing online, check review on internet first.


Anonymous said...

omg you saved my life lol, i nearly bought this! >.<

MsCarolineLzt said...

LOL~ welcome. But for serious their service is SUCK! Will never go for them even cheapest.

Anonymous said...

yeap, agreed with u guys.
their customer care line seems to be not customer centric.never end the conversation at least by a word "thanks"!!

Aeriey Rawkstar said...

I can't thank you enough for this post. I've been lurking around in Dealmates for some time to find something interesting, and I did. But I'm naturally just the type that full of doubt before buying something cheap that is more like 'too good too be true'.

At this moment, Dealmates is offering a pretty cheap price for a foldable piano, I was planning to buy, but then apparently, few days later, GroupMe has the same item but the price is slightly expensive. I've became paranoid and started to read some reviews.

I've read some at, Dealmates FB and yours. You and the others have just saved my life, temper and hard earn money.

Thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

yea, i agree with you. Luckily i din buy any item from dealmates because i not really trust them. I have ask them more details about the item but they doesn't respond any email from me. :O .. luckily i saw ur post and i wont buy :D

MsCarolineLzt said...

Welcome to all, just saw your comment. =)

glad I had helped.

Anonymous said...

Dealmates are a bunch of crooks, never send item, never reply to emails, never pick up calls and they have the cheeks to ban me commenting/posting on fb page,I am lodging a police report for fraud. Suggest all taken for a ride by these crooks to do the same. Typical"jaguh kampung" business that you find all over Malaysia.

MsCarolineLzt said...

I didn't know this post helped so many people, anyway just becareful while shopping online. If not expensive then just consider paid and learn a lesson for a day. Just try not to buy expensive or electronic stuff online quite risky.

I use to shop often online. =)