Friday, March 29, 2013


Every Inch Count

Im a soon-to-be an official worker(Multimedia Designer) of Asia Media. Asia Media a media provider, transit TV company. It is the "Largest Transit-TV Network" in Malaysia which awarded by The Malaysia Book of Record.

Okay if any of you starting to curious why am I a multimedia students/people but my blog layout/design look so SUCK. It is because I'm a bit lazy to reconstructing it and coding or website is not my major!!! I wanted to find someone to make it nice for me but Im too POOR to pay=________=. Okay~ Start laughing if you want.

Im gonna start working next month as a full-timer in their HQ which is really near my house. Awww~ no more lazy life no more party night no more slumber life. Starting to fight for future! Fight for my Muay Thai classes fee! Fight for Fitness center member fee! Fight for my wishlist! Fight for my very own car and house! and of course FIGHT for VACATION!

Oh ya, Im graduate from Advance Diploma. Ermmmm~ consider graduate?==" I still left one subject to retake then wait for my degree. I don't like study or theory or paper works, I like outdoor, interactive and production works. That's why I took this courses, but who know they want me to take Entrepreneurship. They think we are gonna build our own company!? If I really gonna build or I can effort to build one why don't I just pay someone to help me do! This subject make me SICK! Hope I can really finally shout GRADUATE on end of September.

been work as a part-timer, promoter, freelancer, brand ambassador, sales agent or what-so-ever it is since 14years old till now I will still continue doing freelance on weekend or night whenever Im not working, no one dislike money right. Will be interviewing for another night job this weekend, hope I really get the job. They provided many stuff and salary are pretty good. 

So my latest plan on April is work as full-timer at Asia Media and freelancer at night and weekend. My babe are planning to open an online store soon and Im gonna join them. It can be my side income I don't mind getting extra saving. Till I got enough saving I might rent a room outside and move out of my house not to burden my family.

It is not easy that's why my bf are doing the same to come over KL to take care me, if he can. Anyway it is a big sacrifices for me or my bf, if he came here live with me he have to abandon his family at Jb. If I leave my family and go with him to JB it will look bad for me and I don't feel like staying so far away from my family. We have to much to plan, as you all know we are in long distance relation. It is hard to maintain our relation yet we are planing out married future life. 

This is what we call, Planning big to success BIG! 
I can't see how my future will be, I will still follow the flow.

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