Sunday, March 24, 2013


Heart Melting

A very random post!
This post is belong to HER, so it will be only HER in here.

Hahaah~ I edited, cute right!?
Fyi the hand which pinching her is not me! Is my bf.
And this is a Baby girl not a boy!
Baby have high curiosity, this is why they like television.

Bfy hugging her so she won't get lost in the house! LOL~

Btw all the photo was sent by my bf I didn't capture any of it.
Her name is XuanXuan.
She is not my baby! neither my bf.
She belong to bf mom friend, they always let bf mom take care of her.

If you curious about why is she holding the plastic bag,
Is because bf house don't have baby toy so they gave her a plastic bag as her play toy.

Did she melted your heart yet!?
CUTE and Chubby!

Television attracted her again.

Bf said she keep on pull bf hairy leg hairs. LOL

After bath, is time to nap again~

Pretend to cry, cause no choco for her.

Trying hard!

Awwww~~ Sleepy

LOL~ Got interested to own reflection.

Oh my GAD~ Don't you feel she cute?
Don't you feel like hugging her?!
She really fat, cute and chubby! 
The first time I saw her really feel like hugging her!
She will not cry and make noise.
Even you pinch her she won't cry.
She can sleep for the whole day!
Even just woke up for 1 or 2 hours she can still sleep back.

She make feel like having one baby! hahahah

This is my favorite photo of all!
Omg so cuteeeeee!
Ang gu gu~

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