Saturday, March 23, 2013


Random Trip

A very random trip with my bfy to Gold Coast Morib Resort.
I bought the voucher from some random Facebook friend.
It cost us RM170 for 1 day 1 night with water park entrance.

When antique mean electric(Lobby).

We reach there at 3pm sharp, on time to check-in.

The reception; six receptionists but only two counter and one senior.
Me and my bfy waited for almost one hour to get our hand on our room key.

Most of their staff are trainee.

See how impatient look he is.

Me waiting for our room to be clean up.
We got our key but not our room!
When we open the door everything is messy and dirty.
The Jacuzzi tub is full of sand and dirt.
It take us another 1hour for our room=="

This is not the view from our room,
our room view is facing to those not so comfortable jungle!!!!

They gave us two single bed room,
we requested to change to a those queen bed room but no more room.
So we just have to combine the bed.

Don't expect to watch Astro at there.
They don't have Astro channel, only local channel available.
But lucky they have around four to five vision four channel.

Got our room! Ready to go water park.

Waterproof wristband

After water park!
No photo while playing water! LOL

The best part of the resort is they have Jacuzzi in every room!
I forgot to take picture of the bubble tub I made for myself!
Was overly excited with the bubble tub till i forgotten to snap a picture!

You can watch TV while relaxing in your Jacuzzi bubble tub!

After bath went out for a walk, the beach not nice.
The Pier is the resort pub, the whole night I only saw 2-3tables people.
The environment so so only.

We went out of the resort to find dinner but not much to choose.
5minutes out of the resort there a seafood restaurant but we didn't eat there.

So we decided to go further see whether there any restaurant.
After we drive for 30minute nothing to eat!
Most of the shop close or only Malay stall open.
So we went into Pantai Morib, there have more choices but all Malays food.

Their food not bad, we even bought supper back.
Tofu bakar and Sotong bakar!
Yummy~ Really nice! It cost us RM15
Enough for two.

The next day, Is time to check-out.
Is still early for us to go home!

The view of the water park.
They have quite many water slide.
They have buoy to rent, Rm10 for the rental fee and Rm10 as deposit.

We are Poser, we KNOW it! ahahaha

Panaroma view.

It really time to go,

Heading to Malacca, the sun is bright and HOT!
Even guy can't bare the hot.

We take turn to drive, is tiring to drive the whole journey alone.
His so-called COMFORTABLE way to sleep.

We reach our destination!
Klebang famous original coconut shake!
Really nice and suitable for the extremly HOT weather.
Coconut Shake Special, RM2.20
Take away, Rm2.50
Special have additional one scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
We even take away!
Am so missing the shake now!
We ordered Coconut shake regular but
they gave us Special and we already pay for the price of Regular! LOL
Coconut Shake Regular, Rm1.70
Take away, Rm2

The menu in Malay and Chinese.
Other than the coconut shake you must try their Nasi Lemak!
Really nice, and really spicy.

End of out trip.

If you're a swimmer or you like to play water than Gold Coast Morib you will like it. Go with friends or family also can. Their service not good enough, while we are waiting for our key and room to be cleaned up we saw many complaint from other customers. We even saw the Asst. Manager arguing with one of the couple customer. As a hotel manager how the customer wrong you shouldn't argue or fight with the customer. The room should be cleaned up before the customer got their key.

I saw review saying that the toilet have some smelly smell, but our room the whole night we didn't smell any disgusting smell other than the sea smell. When the wind blow you will smell some rubbish or shit kinda smell but it won't last no worry.

We didn't eat at the Resort, i read many review saying not worth and not nice. So idk how the restaurant in the resort is.

The worth to go Gold Coast Morib is their water park and the room Jacuzzi! Please buy whatever you want before going, they have shop selling stuff you can get it from 7Eleven but more expensive. Like Rm3 for a maggie cup or RM3 for a pack of chips.

For me if stay one night is enough, if more it will be boring.

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