Saturday, March 30, 2013


Same Place Same People

Same place same people, the boring 4 (Me, Lili, Keith & Albert). Is always us go yumcha(chilling without alcohol) till late night. Same place, Kuchai Lama Food Talk a place where you can eat can drink and got many board game to play with even mahjong too. That's why we always choose to come here. The environment not bad too.

This drink in tube call "Tester" Albert ordered just to test what it is and it taste like sirup to me. NOT NICE too sweet and after awhile it will not be cold, you have to finish it up fast or it will taste more worse.

Today we play new game from HongKong Heart Attack sorry for those who can't read Chinese  Btw it is HongKong Cantonese Chinese words, so it make it more hard to read. I can read a bit not much, Im half banana! hahahha But I don't speak English. Is really fun, the original game is like snap, the last to snap you have to follow what the card say. But we changed it into Big D poker game, the loser have to pick one card that left on his/her hand and do what it say. SUPER nice! 
The cards contain three types of punishment which is Dare, Truth and flexible. You have to be dare to do, the card contain punishment like kiss and hug with the second loser or keep on UN(Un is Cantonese in English mean shaking) your whole body till the next round end. There're more, like truth mean many type of question and you have to answer it without lying. Example question like; which celebrity will you choose to have sex with or which player you admired the most or when having sex do you prefer condom or ask the winner a question(Don't think you won you won't get the punishment). Flexible is like, once you picked the card you have to react ASAP not only the loser have to do it, is all the player have to do, the last to do lose and there will be another punishment on the card. They got like hug someone, stick your face with someone and more.

Really is a excited game! Will play again for sure.

This is one of the punishment on the card!==" It is me disfigure myself and let the winner to take a photo to post on their Facebook. I actually picked the card, kiss the second winner which is Keith! Hello how can I kiss him right? I have bf please, I respect my bf so am NOT kissing a boy even my bf is not there. So I forced them to allow me to pick another card and I got this.=_________= Okay start laughing! ha ha ha ha ==

This was last week or last last week, couldn't remember when it is. Same us and same place but, different game. That time we went there for dinner, My "Black & White Chicken Chop". Quite nice, the white sauce really nice the black one is so so meh meh. Their Tomatoes + Prune juice or Tomatoes + Orange juice NOT so nice cause I can't taste any TOMATO juice only prune or orange juice.

That time we play "Blokus Tringo", is some sort of technique board game which every player will have the exact same amount and same shape block the triangle plastic. You have to place you color pointy part to thee pointy part together only counted. The more you put the more chance for you to win, the loser will be the one with most more block on hand, they don't count by pieces you have, they count the triangle in every pieces. Really nice and it really use many brain power! You get what I mean, LOL!

LiLi and Albert are tired of thinking so we change another game, "Color TicTacToc" every one have own colors and have their chips, the only thing you do is slide out your chip into the hole and make a strike to win. Your chip can tap on people chip as long it is the hole. Easy and fast game, cause you just slide and you will get one. LOL! I not so into it, still prefer "Blokus" and "HongKong Heart Attack".

This is all, Good Friday and Good Night.

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