Saturday, March 2, 2013


Tiny Food in Tiny Country

Tiny snack in Tiny Taipei of Time Square.
For serious too too long didn't go Time Square didn't know they have this Tiny Taipei street with many new shop and many snack food stall.
So me Bfy and Feng started our food hunt there. LOL!

Started at; Scallop-Q
Yummy, chewy QQ scallop and the scallop really full of the flavor!
We bought The Seasalt scallop - RM5.80 per stick.

One stick was not enough for us!
So we bought another stick, Seaweed at the same price.
Believe me you will LOVE it at the first bite.

My Bfy having his Scallop-Q

Second stall; Tama Yaki
Look at their silly face waiting for the foods! *drooling*

Me and baby Chicken and Cheese.
They gave us a cute numbered chip didn't take picture of it, cause Feng was having it.
RM6.90 for 4pieces of Tokayaki

The seaweeds and what do they called those transparent stuffy!?=="

Ermm~~ Can't say really nice or special, kinda normal.
The cheese not many.

Last stall; Double-M
We waiting for our food. ><

Double-M Taiwan Sausage bun.
This is really SO SO! Thought it will be supreme but hmmm~
Nah~ SO SO only.
RM6.90 for the bun.
Maybe the Taiwan sausage bun not as nice as we expected.
Their got other variety sausages.

The food might look not full but three of us damn FULL! hahahaha
But still we went to have real filling food.

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