Wednesday, March 20, 2013


YNOT Graffiti Competition

Yes! You saw the Tittle and you saw the poster as well. This all about the YNOT graffiti competition by Resort World Genting in Malaysia. You want to try it out? But sorry is already closed but still you can go and have a look at the submitted artwork at the RWGenting Facebook app. The app pages look super cool too! hahah~ Your vote are important to them and you might see your voted graffiti, their respective artist paint a wall up at Resorts World Genting.

The voting period is 15March to 28March 2013 so be quick to vote your favorite artwork.

Owh ya~ RWGenting have installed 8 masterpieces (prepared by 3 colleges & 2 artists) on 8 bus shelters around Klang Valley. I will not gonna review all the masterpiece to you guys, you just have to go into the RWGenting Facebook Album to look at it yourself. =P Don't be lazy!

Among 8 masterpieces, this is mine favorite one.
Can you somehow feel like a real Malaysian or like Merdeka(Malaysia National's day) is around? (anyway I'm a real 100% Malaysian. hahah!)

And they having this contest/lucky draw for everyone and RWGenting might just bring a few lucky ones up to Genting for the Finale Event on the 13th & 14th April 2013! How!? EASY!

Go to this few location where those masterpiece have installed on the bus shelters find the graffiti. Then Tag RWGenting a picture of you with the artwork on your Facebook and wait for the invitation to come to you! 

Location of 8masterpieces Bus shelter;
  1. Alpha Jln Semantan
  2. Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama
  3. Aswara Jln Ampang
  4. Aswara Jln Pudu
  5. Chekri Jln Raja Chulan
  6. IACT Jln Barat
  7. IACT Jln University
  8. Nazmi Jln Sultan Ismail (mine favorite masterpiece)

For more detail :

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