Saturday, April 27, 2013


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Hello kitty fans here? Recent Singapore 7-11 come out with this Hello kitty x TokiDoki I still left 2 pieces to complete my collection. anyone of you have it want to exchange OR buy with me??


Help me ask ur friend in SG/JB if any of them got buy the 7-11 hello kitty and wanna BUY
Contact me; FB - Caroline Lim zt / email -

I got;

*Cow kitty

*Apple Kitty
*Mini Cactus Kitty
*Cactus Kitty/standing cactus kitty

Im finding for;

*Ciao Kitty
*Scooter Kitty

*Unicorn Kitty


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia Is Finally Here Today!

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A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
I believe a lot of you girls and guys searching around
where to grab for Hello Kitty products in Malaysia for a really
long time…

And today…
Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia is here..!

They are selling for Hello Kitty products and tickets for
Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia through online!

Currently they’re giving away Hello Kitty 2013 Calender, and you can
have your own copy from them today.

If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself here,
while it’s still available:


This special Hello Kitty 2013 Calender is valid for a limited time
only, which it may be taken off completely. Stop reading this now,
and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and grab
your own copy now:

If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Grab Your Calender Now

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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Is Giveaway time again, but not mine. As you know I never will do a giveaway and previous giveaway was all from other blogger so this will not be any different. This time it is from Supermodel, their 3rd anniversary;

I will just briefly summarize the prize and how to join, more detail you have to go HERE.

Here we go, they have 2 OPTION of joining their giveaway or contest. Either you use your Facebook or Blogger, How to join!?

Facebook Photo Contest 2013; Go to this their page HERE. Press enter and fill in all the empty space and start asked for VOTE! Easy right!?

Below are all the prizes which might be your at the end of the contest, so look thru it and you might found something you like then GO ENTER the contest and get freebies, babe.

This is the GRAND PRIZE worth RM1112, 1 year supply of COLLAGEN HAIR & BEAUTY PRODUCTS! *Unbelievable right*

The 2nd PRIZE worth RM569, 1 year supply of COSMETICS PRODUCTS!!! *My favorite prize*

3rd PRIZE worth RM291, 1 year supply of BRA ESSENTIALS. Girls this is what we really need for the whole year so we can save up the bra money for clothes! hahaha

CONSOLATION PRIZE x 3 worth RM99, Automatic Tweezer & Leading hair removal. *lazy girls this is so suit you*

I Forgot to mention, for the first 40 x contestants whose get 38 VOTES qualifies to get a free guaranteed gift of you choice from below photo. If you choose to Blogger no worries because for the first 20 x Bloggers contestant will get the gift of your choice from the photo below too. So don't wait it is base on First COME, First SERVE. 
Choose from;
 #1. Magic Eyes
#2. Beauty blending sponge
#3. Hair volumising inserts
#4 Hello Kitty bottle
#5 Bra strap clip 3pcs
#8 Fashion tape 48pcs
#9 Magi Bra Strap transformer
lastly Smurfette Lipbalm

Blogger Contest; As easy as ABC, just do what we always do. Write a post about this GIVEAWAY and get a guaranted gift and stand a chance to win Bigger prize.

All you need to do is write the post and have all the below inside you post and you're DONE!


1. Put in Supermodel Facebook | Website | Blog link in the post.
2. Must have photo of the contest and sale.

Finish posting? You must remember to leave your details on their contest post comment HERE with;

Follower ID:
E-mail Address:
Link of the blog post of this contest:
Date and duration of post: (example: from 19 April 2013, 7pm until 21 April 2013, 7pm)
Choice of GIFT: (Example #9 Magic bra strap transformer)

*choose your gift from above photo*

This is the PRIZE for the winner bloggers;
#1. Secret styler 4 in 1 hair rotating iron.
#2. No heat curls.
#3 BB collagen face serum.

If you are not interested on contest but you spot stuff you want, no worries just buy from them. Currently they are having Deals/Discount/Offer 10% and up to 70% OFF!!

SO MUCH on SALES! Most details go to their website HERE
Deal #1. Happy Hair Deals, something to pamper your hairs.

Deal #2 Bra-licious Deals, you won't want pretty dress ruin by old or fugly bra strap right?

Deal #3 Love You Curves Deals, Who LIKE slim curvy body shape!?

Deal #4 & #4b Flawless Face Deals, Finally something to feed yours face! and make em PRETTY!

Deal #5 Goodbye double CHIN! Yes, chubby faces come get it!

Deal #6 Goodbye Stubborn FAT! Want Flat tummy this is what you need!

Deal #7 Smooth baby feet, Come if you can't bare to touch your own foots.

And Last deal #8 Mask cleanser, Never let you face skin die!!!!!!

So much to be WON! and so much DEALS!! What are you waiting fro! GO and enter or ORDER now before it end.

Lastly, vote for me too!! VOTE HERE

Thank you very much,


Lazy Ass

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Im a LAZY ASS! I really hope my job is to only wake eat play then eat again and sleep. And will never ever gain weight no extra meat or fats. ahahah! But hello back to reality, I use to be those skinny girls which will not grow fats easily but after I went college PUff! Fat keep on gaining until last year I take off quite some KG, impress by myself. Anyway, is still not enough especially my bottom part! Fat butt and FAT tights.

I have to stop with SINFUL meal and start working out with those exercise. Later after work I will go for a try of Muay Thai, at MuayFit! Hope it is fun and lose weight! Most important is give me cheap packages! hahahah! 

Working in office will make my butt more FAT! Whole day sit in front of the desktop! hmph~ Am lazy to move a muscle after work, so Jogging plan FAILED. Weekends will never feel like doing sweaty stuff other than laying on bed or coach watching movie with big bowl of chip hugged tight.

HAHAH! Sorry I don't watch TV and I cut down snack quite sometime due to it make me fat. *meme faces*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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Done with the video!? Notice what they discussing? Is all about cheating in a Relationship. Well, what do you think about that? Any speaker want to voice out their opinion on this issue? Or any experience in this kind of problem?

To be continue..... (Back to work)


Monday, April 15, 2013


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Question of the day;

Do you have a boyfriend!?

Okay, before asking this question PLEASE! Yes I Pleasing you guys to think do you really wanna be friend with her. If not please stop asking this question if you want to find single lady just to flirt or just to lie her to sleep with you! You don't even respect woman and not sincerely wanna be a friend with us.

If you tell me you are sincerely wanna be friends okay, then why are you disappear right after I replied "Yes, I have a Boyfriend". So now a 'In-relationship' or attached women/girls are no worth to be friends, huh?! Or you can't get anything from us!?

And ladies out there mostly of you might have the same problem as me; When you're single your friends are mostly MALE and they ALWAYS appear asking you out or offer to fetch you here and there or help you in everything, even buying you food and drink randomly.
But right after your Facebook showed "in-relationship with WHO&WHO" those MALE creature Zhooom! disappear! Should use vanish not disappear. 

So now the girl have a Boyfriend you don't feel like doing all this to get attention from her la!? STUPID!

Okay, maybe guys have facing this problem but know what; I asked many people but majority is on female. Male just never think using the brain but only the AHEM AHEM part. *no offend ar, My blog My question My opinion*

Sometime I feel it quite annoying that my male friend ignored me when I asked something or find them out they will just avoid me or some are SUPER mean! They don't even reply my messages! This happen after my Facebook status changed to in-relationship. WTF * screw you asses* 

Okay so now, Guys tell me why do you ask the question at first, if you don't want to be friend with her!? Can any of you answer me!? Please, Im just curious.

Change Change Change

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Must keep updating my Blog.
So I upload a new header for my blog.
Have been changing it for sometime but all look so not nice.

Anyway, who cares! XP
This is the really old one don't remember when I use it.

Then change

And change again

Finally this!
Actually I changed and stay with it for at least 6months!
But this stay there for like one to two years, due to I'm too lazy.

My recent Facebook Header.
Make it for my bf cause his previous header was our picture.
So make this for him and he like it so changed into this. =)

New Header, was choosing this or the below one.
Which do you think better?
This or

But I choose this.
I know kinda weird but temporary till I really think of something better.

Friday, April 12, 2013

1+1 = WTF

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Randomly picked the gwiyomi as title, since it really viral nowadays! *super viral* Everyone is doing it! Got normal cute fugly parody even those grouping also. Making me feel like doing one too and my babe Sarah just asked this morning and rejected her! LOL~ Hello Do I look like those CUTE girls? If really did so and posted on Facebook or my Blog I think they will be only stupid comment about you are so fugly please don't ask cute and ruin the freaking GWIYOMI! * saddest case* 

FURK GWIYOMI! You make use fugly!

I'm in my office and slacking while waiting for 6pm to reach and I'm so running home! hahaha! Because today is TGIF!!!!!!! Although I don't really have anything to do on Friday night but still I must have the TGIF spirit turn ON! 20minutes more so blog awhile since I didn't updated for few days. 

Working are tiring but not as boring as I thought, colleagues are friendly yet funny! Anyway, as always I thought my field will be less female and more male. HELLO! Now female are so like male and doing male stuff, don't play play! My department which is the Channel/Operation/Design department have only 5 people included me and only one male other are all female! LOL

He is funny he said now I got four wives like Malays. We are not racist-ing, It was just a curious question from Chinese toward Malay colleague and we have two Chinese and three other are Malays! *we were discussing about why Malays guys can married 4wives* 

Anyway, working here are kinda freely as like at home, because we don't have a direct manager for our department.*he/she ran away* So basically we are directly under our big boss and the Account Manager, they are at the other office so no worries. We just keep on Facebook-ing while work and we done our project/assignment before we really play. No doubt I may be a playful monkey girl but when is time to work I work seriously.

"Commercial break" - My photo on Beer factory Finale(The Replacement) - Look a little bit slimmer but I look so UGLY!
Back from commercial!! Beer belly under construction, for serious! Been working out my ass whenever I can. No time left for me to waste! Ever hours is time for me to throw those fugly fat away. If can please let me have a fit but not too skinny body! Im gonna go on Muay Thai for a month as trial, see it is working if yes Im gonna go for the yearly training. I wanna get nice body!!

Recently I saw this really really CUTE Hello Kitty x TokiDoki, Yes they are crossing over and here come the cutest stuff ever! *fyi Im not Hello Kitty nor TokiDoki fans* Guess how much it is to get the damn whole set of 10s Hello Kitty x TodiDoki miniature. Btw Malaysian don't get excited cause we can't get it here! *sad case x2* 
Cute right! Don't you feel like getting them all!!! But as I said Malaysian don't get excited cause this is only selling at our neighbor country, Singapore. This time it is not McDonald is 7-Eleven. Why am I not a Singaporean! Owh~ the price! Is really cheap if and only you are living in Singapore or you a Singaporean. One miniature you need at least $30sgd+ if you convert to MYR it will be RM80-RM100+. 

t depend on you think it is worth to buy or not. For me I don't think it is worth to get it for this price, the size are around the since of an iPhone if no mistake. So we you want to get one whole set you need to spend RM1000++ and you can get yourself a branded wallet or an iPad!=__=" 

But I really want it so so much, so I forced my bf to get it for me at least one! My favorite were the Unicorn Kitty but the MooMoo Kitty have the hanger to hang on my key. But the Sunny Kitty also really adorable! The Apple one look so yummy! The Cactus one look so attracting! Please buy me the whole set! ><"

End of my crazy with the Helly Kitty x TokiDoki miniature, it is 6pm now! Im free and TGIF every working people. Go home! End with chubbiest baby girls photo =P


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let's go Upstair?!

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I didn't really blog accordingly most of the post are like after weeks or maybe month, due to Im too busy to keep on updating everything. And I don't think there's people who keep on visit my blog. Anyway, the MrNotSoNice bought me and Trista baby to this new place for chilling, chit chat and some cake of course! Long time three of us bitches didn't come out gather.

Actually suppose to be the MrNotSoNice belated birthday celebration and we treat him for dinner but then he paid all the cake and drink! Awww~ How sweet! hahah! The always Mr-Gentlemen, next time ya MrNotSoNice.

Okay, back to the topic. The place located at Subang SS12, nearby the Sime Darby Medical Center area. Those shop lot next to SDMC. You want to eat some yummy cakes? and tasty coffee? You just have walk up to The Upstair's Cafe. It just right above Bawang Merah, but don't walk into the wrong cafe ya. LOL! Following photo was took from Google because I didn't took picture of the outside and their stair picture!

The stairs to the heavenly cakes and coffee. They also serve Pastas, Sandwiches and Pastries. They open at 3pm to 11pm, Monday to Saturdays only so don't go on Sunday or Morning or else you will be so disappointed looking at the door and the close sign. hahahaha!

Photo start from now are taken by me. The inside of the cafe, you can actually choose to sit inside with air-conditional or outside at the balcony. Cozy environment and comfy table and cushion sofa, but the place are a bit too limited not much tables for you. See the fella sexy back facing me right in front the counter? That's our handsome MrNotSoNice who gentlemen enough to order our cakes and paid them too.

My Caramel Latte! Im not a coffee or tea person. If you know me, you know I never drink coffee, tea or Nescafe stuff. But this Latte is NICE! The MrNotSoNice order himself a black coffee if no mistake and my baby Tris have a Hot Choco. This cup of Latte make me can't sleep for the whole night! That night I roll whole night on my bed till morning 8am only I fall asleep! Anyway this Latte doesn't change me to drink coffee or tea. I will forever remember not to take any caffeine stuff at night to prevent me to roll whole night long for second time!

Tada! The main is the cakes, so here come CAKES! We three share two slides of cake, cause we are on diet not too much sugar for three of us! =) People said their Red Velvet are the best, so a must and all time favorite Orea Cheese!! Cheese are always my favorite, never get bored of cheesy stuff. The red velvet are nice and not sweet, for me it is really nice cause I don't like overly sweet stuff. Even candy I only buy minty candy.

Orea Cheese still the best! Really nice the crumb and the cream cheese part are all perfectly nice combination! And some caramel syrup on it. OMG! Blogging this making me hungry and wanted to have a slide of Orea cheese! *drooling*

For me I will rate this place 8 over 10, the 2 will wait till I go for the second time for their pastas and Cupcakes. I saw people reviewed that Red Velvet cupcakes are nice and fast selling always. I will I must go again for the cakes!

The Upstair's Cafe really a nice place for people to come with friends for chit chat or if you want a place to do your works or assignment there might be a not bad suggestion but, it won't be really quiet place like Starbucks cause all the customer chit chat become noise, most probably because the cafe kind small space. You get what I mean? Like those chit chat sound can't go anywhere else so all surrounded in the Cafe space and become noise! LOL! *MsCarolineLzt Theory*

Owh, their service are good and their stall are friendly and they smile and asked politely to clean the tables. They even say thank you come again or something too the customers. Really a place you will want to go back again next time. =)

Saturday, April 6, 2013


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The new Hotmail look called Outlook.
Was a bit random cause don't know what to write but I have nothing to do and don't feel like sleeping on Friday, TGIF!
I realize this few day ago, cute right their emoticon
Too bad no one really use email to send message! hahahaha

See the rocket and the toilet bowl! CUTE!

Season & celebration.



And random SHIT~! LOL!

A late post, as I say previous post will prank my bf,
Guess what i DID'T not success!!
He was sleeping the whole freaking day!
When I called him, he still sleeping and he scolded me.

Then I pissed and hang up then when he really awake, he called and apologize!
hahahahah! STupid BF!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Left No Time to Waste

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Started my work as a official multimedia designer in Asia Media if you have read my previous previous post. Now you will understand why working people seldom go out at night or hangout till late night, because when finish work you only left energy enough for you to go home, bath and eat you dinner. Even the time left for you Are for you to jam home, time to take off your clothes to bath and prepare dinner for yourself.

After finish all those thing it almost 10pm, what else can you do after 10pm other than sleep? It is good too cause I can't get back to the normal life sleep early and wake early. Tiring although not much thing to do in office but I wake really early and not those office freaky. I will feel sleepy if you throw me at office and only facing the desktop.

Tomorrow third days of work, good luck come bad luck go away. Thank you very much. Night~


Monday, April 1, 2013

Prank's day!

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April FOOL is today! Didn't anyone got pranked!? LOL
Im not yet no one prank me, how good is my friends.
Just because im too clever they don't choose to prank me.

April fool remind me of last few years my friend keep on prank me,
but non of them success to prank me.
Some say quarreled with mom want to run away from home to my house! hahaha
Some say their car break down in their college parking asking me to go and help them.
I actually ignored them after they told me.

I was planning to prank my far away bf but he is still SLEEPING at this hour.
I will just have to call and wake him up to prank him later.
Later I post success or not my prank on my lovely bf.
Hope he won't scold me! hahaa

Last Saturday, 30 March 2013.
Went to Lot10 for interview for Big Red Button.
Make up of the day, first time draw my whole eyes, even down eyes lids.
Will it look weird?

After interview shop a little while!
Sarah fault made me waste money. ahah
But really OMG cheap!
RM12-15 for a long sleeve cotton dress!

My dinner on that day, Bear Paw again.
My second post about it.

It is bun of bear paw shape.
Bun made from mantao, they have flavors to choose.
Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole Wheat.

They have different patty/meat to choose.
Chicken/spicy chicken, hams and more

Different sauce,
Honey Mustard, TarTar, Tepanyaki and more.

Is like you can choose anything.
I choose Milk + Spicy Chicken + Honey Mustard.
They sauce nice the bun are so so normal bun and chicken are so so too.
I think the only special are the shape of the bun.
I ordered set which come with a large Yakult orange.
NOT NICE! too sweet for me.

The pals

My sweeties 

The Birthday Babe <3
Happy 22th Birthday darling Ling.

Saturday night, Party night with my brother Reno who came back from Singapore.
Zouk, Velvet underground

The new Hennessy, nice bottle right.
They even gave us a miniature Hennessy but Rain took it.
Anyone have one extra miniature bottle? Can I have it.
BTW again I'm not an alcoholic I dislike drink. 
I love party but not alcohols.

Me and the Red hair honey.
Toilet view. hahaha

Me and Reno (brothers)

Marco (Brothers)

Rain (babe)

Paul, The 2 hands Octopus.

Old friends.

My OOTD on Saturday.
H&M - Black Dress
Kitschen - Mustard Clutch
NYC - Brown strip Platform

I changed my heels before go Partying, cause this platform hurt my baby toes.

Sometime I really quite like my hairs color.
It look like two toned.
It is my new hair growt out and I didnt dye back so it look like two toned but I kinda like it so I just leave it.