Friday, April 12, 2013


1+1 = WTF

Randomly picked the gwiyomi as title, since it really viral nowadays! *super viral* Everyone is doing it! Got normal cute fugly parody even those grouping also. Making me feel like doing one too and my babe Sarah just asked this morning and rejected her! LOL~ Hello Do I look like those CUTE girls? If really did so and posted on Facebook or my Blog I think they will be only stupid comment about you are so fugly please don't ask cute and ruin the freaking GWIYOMI! * saddest case* 

FURK GWIYOMI! You make use fugly!

I'm in my office and slacking while waiting for 6pm to reach and I'm so running home! hahaha! Because today is TGIF!!!!!!! Although I don't really have anything to do on Friday night but still I must have the TGIF spirit turn ON! 20minutes more so blog awhile since I didn't updated for few days. 

Working are tiring but not as boring as I thought, colleagues are friendly yet funny! Anyway, as always I thought my field will be less female and more male. HELLO! Now female are so like male and doing male stuff, don't play play! My department which is the Channel/Operation/Design department have only 5 people included me and only one male other are all female! LOL

He is funny he said now I got four wives like Malays. We are not racist-ing, It was just a curious question from Chinese toward Malay colleague and we have two Chinese and three other are Malays! *we were discussing about why Malays guys can married 4wives* 

Anyway, working here are kinda freely as like at home, because we don't have a direct manager for our department.*he/she ran away* So basically we are directly under our big boss and the Account Manager, they are at the other office so no worries. We just keep on Facebook-ing while work and we done our project/assignment before we really play. No doubt I may be a playful monkey girl but when is time to work I work seriously.

"Commercial break" - My photo on Beer factory Finale(The Replacement) - Look a little bit slimmer but I look so UGLY!
Back from commercial!! Beer belly under construction, for serious! Been working out my ass whenever I can. No time left for me to waste! Ever hours is time for me to throw those fugly fat away. If can please let me have a fit but not too skinny body! Im gonna go on Muay Thai for a month as trial, see it is working if yes Im gonna go for the yearly training. I wanna get nice body!!

Recently I saw this really really CUTE Hello Kitty x TokiDoki, Yes they are crossing over and here come the cutest stuff ever! *fyi Im not Hello Kitty nor TokiDoki fans* Guess how much it is to get the damn whole set of 10s Hello Kitty x TodiDoki miniature. Btw Malaysian don't get excited cause we can't get it here! *sad case x2* 
Cute right! Don't you feel like getting them all!!! But as I said Malaysian don't get excited cause this is only selling at our neighbor country, Singapore. This time it is not McDonald is 7-Eleven. Why am I not a Singaporean! Owh~ the price! Is really cheap if and only you are living in Singapore or you a Singaporean. One miniature you need at least $30sgd+ if you convert to MYR it will be RM80-RM100+. 

t depend on you think it is worth to buy or not. For me I don't think it is worth to get it for this price, the size are around the since of an iPhone if no mistake. So we you want to get one whole set you need to spend RM1000++ and you can get yourself a branded wallet or an iPad!=__=" 

But I really want it so so much, so I forced my bf to get it for me at least one! My favorite were the Unicorn Kitty but the MooMoo Kitty have the hanger to hang on my key. But the Sunny Kitty also really adorable! The Apple one look so yummy! The Cactus one look so attracting! Please buy me the whole set! ><"

End of my crazy with the Helly Kitty x TokiDoki miniature, it is 6pm now! Im free and TGIF every working people. Go home! End with chubbiest baby girls photo =P

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