Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Lazy Ass

Im a LAZY ASS! I really hope my job is to only wake eat play then eat again and sleep. And will never ever gain weight no extra meat or fats. ahahah! But hello back to reality, I use to be those skinny girls which will not grow fats easily but after I went college PUff! Fat keep on gaining until last year I take off quite some KG, impress by myself. Anyway, is still not enough especially my bottom part! Fat butt and FAT tights.

I have to stop with SINFUL meal and start working out with those exercise. Later after work I will go for a try of Muay Thai, at MuayFit! Hope it is fun and lose weight! Most important is give me cheap packages! hahahah! 

Working in office will make my butt more FAT! Whole day sit in front of the desktop! hmph~ Am lazy to move a muscle after work, so Jogging plan FAILED. Weekends will never feel like doing sweaty stuff other than laying on bed or coach watching movie with big bowl of chip hugged tight.

HAHAH! Sorry I don't watch TV and I cut down snack quite sometime due to it make me fat. *meme faces*

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