Thursday, April 4, 2013


Left No Time to Waste

Started my work as a official multimedia designer in Asia Media if you have read my previous previous post. Now you will understand why working people seldom go out at night or hangout till late night, because when finish work you only left energy enough for you to go home, bath and eat you dinner. Even the time left for you Are for you to jam home, time to take off your clothes to bath and prepare dinner for yourself.

After finish all those thing it almost 10pm, what else can you do after 10pm other than sleep? It is good too cause I can't get back to the normal life sleep early and wake early. Tiring although not much thing to do in office but I wake really early and not those office freaky. I will feel sleepy if you throw me at office and only facing the desktop.

Tomorrow third days of work, good luck come bad luck go away. Thank you very much. Night~

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