Sunday, April 7, 2013


Let's go Upstair?!

I didn't really blog accordingly most of the post are like after weeks or maybe month, due to Im too busy to keep on updating everything. And I don't think there's people who keep on visit my blog. Anyway, the MrNotSoNice bought me and Trista baby to this new place for chilling, chit chat and some cake of course! Long time three of us bitches didn't come out gather.

Actually suppose to be the MrNotSoNice belated birthday celebration and we treat him for dinner but then he paid all the cake and drink! Awww~ How sweet! hahah! The always Mr-Gentlemen, next time ya MrNotSoNice.

Okay, back to the topic. The place located at Subang SS12, nearby the Sime Darby Medical Center area. Those shop lot next to SDMC. You want to eat some yummy cakes? and tasty coffee? You just have walk up to The Upstair's Cafe. It just right above Bawang Merah, but don't walk into the wrong cafe ya. LOL! Following photo was took from Google because I didn't took picture of the outside and their stair picture!

The stairs to the heavenly cakes and coffee. They also serve Pastas, Sandwiches and Pastries. They open at 3pm to 11pm, Monday to Saturdays only so don't go on Sunday or Morning or else you will be so disappointed looking at the door and the close sign. hahahaha!

Photo start from now are taken by me. The inside of the cafe, you can actually choose to sit inside with air-conditional or outside at the balcony. Cozy environment and comfy table and cushion sofa, but the place are a bit too limited not much tables for you. See the fella sexy back facing me right in front the counter? That's our handsome MrNotSoNice who gentlemen enough to order our cakes and paid them too.

My Caramel Latte! Im not a coffee or tea person. If you know me, you know I never drink coffee, tea or Nescafe stuff. But this Latte is NICE! The MrNotSoNice order himself a black coffee if no mistake and my baby Tris have a Hot Choco. This cup of Latte make me can't sleep for the whole night! That night I roll whole night on my bed till morning 8am only I fall asleep! Anyway this Latte doesn't change me to drink coffee or tea. I will forever remember not to take any caffeine stuff at night to prevent me to roll whole night long for second time!

Tada! The main is the cakes, so here come CAKES! We three share two slides of cake, cause we are on diet not too much sugar for three of us! =) People said their Red Velvet are the best, so a must and all time favorite Orea Cheese!! Cheese are always my favorite, never get bored of cheesy stuff. The red velvet are nice and not sweet, for me it is really nice cause I don't like overly sweet stuff. Even candy I only buy minty candy.

Orea Cheese still the best! Really nice the crumb and the cream cheese part are all perfectly nice combination! And some caramel syrup on it. OMG! Blogging this making me hungry and wanted to have a slide of Orea cheese! *drooling*

For me I will rate this place 8 over 10, the 2 will wait till I go for the second time for their pastas and Cupcakes. I saw people reviewed that Red Velvet cupcakes are nice and fast selling always. I will I must go again for the cakes!

The Upstair's Cafe really a nice place for people to come with friends for chit chat or if you want a place to do your works or assignment there might be a not bad suggestion but, it won't be really quiet place like Starbucks cause all the customer chit chat become noise, most probably because the cafe kind small space. You get what I mean? Like those chit chat sound can't go anywhere else so all surrounded in the Cafe space and become noise! LOL! *MsCarolineLzt Theory*

Owh, their service are good and their stall are friendly and they smile and asked politely to clean the tables. They even say thank you come again or something too the customers. Really a place you will want to go back again next time. =)

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