Monday, April 1, 2013


Prank's day!

April FOOL is today! Didn't anyone got pranked!? LOL
Im not yet no one prank me, how good is my friends.
Just because im too clever they don't choose to prank me.

April fool remind me of last few years my friend keep on prank me,
but non of them success to prank me.
Some say quarreled with mom want to run away from home to my house! hahaha
Some say their car break down in their college parking asking me to go and help them.
I actually ignored them after they told me.

I was planning to prank my far away bf but he is still SLEEPING at this hour.
I will just have to call and wake him up to prank him later.
Later I post success or not my prank on my lovely bf.
Hope he won't scold me! hahaa

Last Saturday, 30 March 2013.
Went to Lot10 for interview for Big Red Button.
Make up of the day, first time draw my whole eyes, even down eyes lids.
Will it look weird?

After interview shop a little while!
Sarah fault made me waste money. ahah
But really OMG cheap!
RM12-15 for a long sleeve cotton dress!

My dinner on that day, Bear Paw again.
My second post about it.

It is bun of bear paw shape.
Bun made from mantao, they have flavors to choose.
Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole Wheat.

They have different patty/meat to choose.
Chicken/spicy chicken, hams and more

Different sauce,
Honey Mustard, TarTar, Tepanyaki and more.

Is like you can choose anything.
I choose Milk + Spicy Chicken + Honey Mustard.
They sauce nice the bun are so so normal bun and chicken are so so too.
I think the only special are the shape of the bun.
I ordered set which come with a large Yakult orange.
NOT NICE! too sweet for me.

The pals

My sweeties 

The Birthday Babe <3
Happy 22th Birthday darling Ling.

Saturday night, Party night with my brother Reno who came back from Singapore.
Zouk, Velvet underground

The new Hennessy, nice bottle right.
They even gave us a miniature Hennessy but Rain took it.
Anyone have one extra miniature bottle? Can I have it.
BTW again I'm not an alcoholic I dislike drink. 
I love party but not alcohols.

Me and the Red hair honey.
Toilet view. hahaha

Me and Reno (brothers)

Marco (Brothers)

Rain (babe)

Paul, The 2 hands Octopus.

Old friends.

My OOTD on Saturday.
H&M - Black Dress
Kitschen - Mustard Clutch
NYC - Brown strip Platform

I changed my heels before go Partying, cause this platform hurt my baby toes.

Sometime I really quite like my hairs color.
It look like two toned.
It is my new hair growt out and I didnt dye back so it look like two toned but I kinda like it so I just leave it.

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