Monday, April 15, 2013



Question of the day;

Do you have a boyfriend!?

Okay, before asking this question PLEASE! Yes I Pleasing you guys to think do you really wanna be friend with her. If not please stop asking this question if you want to find single lady just to flirt or just to lie her to sleep with you! You don't even respect woman and not sincerely wanna be a friend with us.

If you tell me you are sincerely wanna be friends okay, then why are you disappear right after I replied "Yes, I have a Boyfriend". So now a 'In-relationship' or attached women/girls are no worth to be friends, huh?! Or you can't get anything from us!?

And ladies out there mostly of you might have the same problem as me; When you're single your friends are mostly MALE and they ALWAYS appear asking you out or offer to fetch you here and there or help you in everything, even buying you food and drink randomly.
But right after your Facebook showed "in-relationship with WHO&WHO" those MALE creature Zhooom! disappear! Should use vanish not disappear. 

So now the girl have a Boyfriend you don't feel like doing all this to get attention from her la!? STUPID!

Okay, maybe guys have facing this problem but know what; I asked many people but majority is on female. Male just never think using the brain but only the AHEM AHEM part. *no offend ar, My blog My question My opinion*

Sometime I feel it quite annoying that my male friend ignored me when I asked something or find them out they will just avoid me or some are SUPER mean! They don't even reply my messages! This happen after my Facebook status changed to in-relationship. WTF * screw you asses* 

Okay so now, Guys tell me why do you ask the question at first, if you don't want to be friend with her!? Can any of you answer me!? Please, Im just curious.


Kreavitz said...

It same goes to guys la (=..=)

MsCarolineLzt said...

But majority on GIRL lo~==

Kreavitz said...

But at least be grateful they vanish.. instead some girl even know that guy is in relationship but they still have the intention to tackle..

MsCarolineLzt said...

Yes! Those girl also meant to be bitch, even know people have a gf they still tackle what a BITCH! but guys if you will fall for those girls you are worthless for serious unless you regret and really change.